18 March 2019

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Following the latest tensions between Pakistan and India, Pakistani authorities shut down their air space to international flights.
While Pakistan’s air space opened up for other international flights, the country had kept it closed for Kabul-New Delhi flights.
Afghanistan’s national aviation department has reported that the neighboring country will open up its air space for Kabul-New Delhi flights after March 11.
According to the officials, the blockade was supposed to end on March 8, but due to “un-specified reasons” it was postponed to 11 March.
Kabul-New Delhi flight is one of the busiest flights, with at least four companies transporting hundreds of passengers on a daily basis.
Afghans mostly travel to India for medical treatment, education and vacations.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Pakistan’s Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said on Saturday that Pakistan railways will connect Iran, Afghanistan Turkey and Russia through rail link, according to Pakistani media reports.
Addressing laborers at Railways Workshop at Mughalpura, he said Turkey and Iran had also assured Pakistan Railways of cooperation for upgrading the rail link.
The minister said he had apprised Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan of his recent visit to Iran, which had assured of cooperation.
He said there was the possibility of a contact between Imran Khan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in the near future.
He said railway’s system would soon be extended up to Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Russia, adding that Turkey and Iran had assured of their cooperation for the purpose.

Sunday March 10, 2019

Kabul (BNA)  During a meeting with Farah’s Bakhsh Abad elders and influential, President Ghani thanked them for providing security to Bakhsh Abad dam, adding the comprehensive survey and design of the dams was completed and the practical measures to be taken after approval of its contracts via the National Procurement Commission, BNA reported.
Meanwhile representing others Haji Khayat praised President’s development plans and management of the country’s waters, saying the local people have been trying their bests to provide security for the dam. He asked government to start the practical plan for the construction of the dam. According to another report, President Ghani met with civil society representative of Farah province.
Representing others, Dr. Homayoun Shaheedzada presented the president a number of the provincial demands, including security, agriculture, management of waters and Bakhsh Abad dam, health and construction of spring houses, extension of the provincial university and sending of a delegation to review the security situation. Thanking them for sharing their demands, the president said had spoken with Siemens Company to invest onWind Power. “The winds in Herat, Farah and Nimruz provinces have the capacity of generating 65 thousand of Megawatt electricity.” Hinting to floods affected areas, the president said aids are being dispatched in close coordination with people and considering the available resources, adding agricultural canals and spring houses to be constructed in the province. Thanking people’s support of the development projects, the president said would soon send a delegation to probe the security situation of the province.

Thursday March 7, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Businesswomen play considerable and active role in Afghanistan development and at present their number is increasing.
Mohsena Saqeb is one of the businesswomen who managed to establish a garment factory with a minimum capital in the name of Saqeb Garment Producing Industries succeeded to produce and supply traditional and modern clothes and designs in short time. She is incharge of design in this plant. Talking on the activities of this plant, Saqeb said, as a producing plant, her company produces modern and traditional clothes. She said, Saqeb Garment Producing Plant was setup in Jan 1.2017 with five employees but at present this number has reached to 37 regular employees and we have work relations with 25 people who are involved in handicraft in Herat, Bamyan and Balkh provinces.
Talking on their sales and orders, she said, our sales and supplies depend upon season, sometimes increases while in some seasons decreases. If there are no orders, our plant produces according to its own plan. We design and receive orders. 10.20 people visit our plant on daily bases. Seasonal sales and orders are received. Our design takes longer time. Answering a question on the facilities provided by Afghan Chambers of Commerce and Industries for businesswomen, she said, this chamber is a very good partner for business that supports and enable women to continue and develop their investments and business. Through this chamber we send the voice of businesswomen to enthusiasts who plan to organize conferences and exhibitions for businesswomen. Replying a question if they have held exhibitions inside and outside the country, she said, we have held exhibitions of our designs and products inside and outside the country in the last two years since its establishment. Through this chamber our plant has managed to establish good contacts with other businesses.
We attended two intentional Fashion Shows in Sri Lanka and Dubai and returned home with good results. Our designs were extremely welcomed in these two shows. We achieved first position and large quantities of our products were supplied, sold and received several orders. Talking on their challenges, she said, lack of permanent location, power energy and raw materials are among our basic challenges, we hope the government and ACCI would cooperate us to overcome these challenges. She asked the government to increase import taxes on foreign products and prevent imports of low quality foreign products and let domestic industries to develop. According to Afghan businesswomen CCI, at present large number of women have invested. Namely over 850 businesswomen have invested approx. US 67.2m in traditional and untraditional sectors. These investments include media, technology, restaurants, school, travel, tour agencies, etc.
Shukria Kohistani

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