21 May 2018

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Hikes of Liquid Gas Price Concerning

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Thursday February 16, 2017

Kabul (BNA) As the winter arrives, the fuel prices touch the sky a move that is seriously concerning and problematic to Kabul citizens.
It is usual that prices trend upward when the demand increases while the supply remains the same; or vice versa, the supply decreases while the demand remains the same. Complaining on the situation, the Kabul residents told that they have always witnessed such a situation, particularly in winter and unfortunately, the government has not ever paid heed in this regard. However, a considerable increase per kilo gram gas, just within a span of one week is a point of concern for public. Blaming the government over the ongoing challenges, A Khair Khana resident, Ferdous told that if the government and other related entities don’t pave the ground for merchants, they cannot supply gas to market with high price. Mina, a Khoshhal Khan inhabitant said, ‘many families have lost their breadwinners due to domestic wars and explosions and they don’t have good income.’
“I am a widow and cannot afford to buy gas with high price,” She added. She asked the government to control prices in the market or the people will face many problems. She added that the traders should observe justice and do not stock the liquid gas and other foodstuffs, because there is no room for doing such actions in holy religion of Islam.   Even though, the ministry of commerce and industries has kept the price of liquid gas price unchanged in Kabul markets, currently, the price of a kg gas is 50 afg—an amount which is high to afford by many families. According to parliament’s economic commission report, the ministry of commerce and industries has said that fuel prices increase would be temporary and the ministry has sufficient stocks to prevent such actions. This is while that the ministry of commerce and industries has somehow kept the prices down in the capital Kabul and the people hope the prices decrease more. Based on the ministry, there are almost 25 government shops for selling gas in some parts of the Kabul with lower price. But the people ask the ministry to increase the number of these shops. In fact, the rate of unemployment is on the rise and the economic activity has significantly slowed down severely affecting the economic circumstances of the country.
Shukria Kohistani

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