25 February 2017

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Thursday February 23, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Bamyan is one of the country’s provinces, where all cultural sections have got better.
Recently book-selling markets and book-reading culture have much improved in the province where dozens of school and university students have been interested in reading books to obtain information, but the students are facing lack of a number of books.
Related to the issue, Acting Director of Information and Culture Ahmad Hussain Ahmadpur told, “There are lots of libraries in Bamyan as the public library, the university and the education and women affairs ministries’ libraries which have various books read by most of youth, school and university students, but the respective libraries are facing with lack of a number of books needed by students. We are trying to address the problem by creating an IT center equipped with internet and equipping the public library of the province with books.” In connection with improving of book-reading culture in the province, Ahmadpur says improvement of book-reading among the youth of Bamyan has put positive impacts in empowering field of the youth as a large number of youth regularly hold weekly literal and cultural programs in the province.
“Most of youth in cooperation with a cultural activist of the province Abdul Ghafoor Mohammadi holds weekly program of poetry, local music and others as well as hold book-reading, paragraph-writing competitions and other scientific and cultural programs; thus, interest and improvement of book-reading have increased among the youth of Bamyan comparing to internet in the province”, Ahmadpur said. Mr. Ahmadpur pointed to a range of book problems in the province and said, “We have books needed by school and university students, but we need more books to address all needs of book-readers. Provincial directorate of information and culture has prepared lists of needed academic sources in coordination with students and university lecturers and sent them to the public library and a number of partnered organizations to cooperate with us in this regard.”
Related to cooperation of book-loving activists, Ahmadpur added, “Last year with initiative of a Bamyani young, a mobile library was operated for children of the province where dozens of children make use of the library every day.”
Briefing in connection with cultural books in the province, Ahmadpur said directorate of information and culture of Bamyan by making use of SAARC programs has published more than ten books written about various issues and it was determined the books would be soon submitted to directorate of information and culture. Replying a question, Ahmad Hussain Ahmadpur said the books which have been recently published were more about researches related to past history of Bamyan and other daily cultural, art and historic issues of Afghanistan. This comes as recent IT developments in the country have caused that book-reading culture is not improving in Afghanistan, but there is hope in Bamyan where book-reading culture has improved recently by effort of youth of the province so that a good competition will be created between provinces in this regard.
Karima Malikzada

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kabul (BNA) A government delegation consisting 14 ministries’ representatives, headed by Acting Minister of Information and Culture and Deputy to Youth Affairs, Dr. Kamal Sadat visited Paktika province on Tuesday, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
Addressing a gathering, Dr. Sadat said that President Ghani would pay serious heed to backward provinces of the country, as he instructed all government organizations to trip to this province and address the Paktika people problems, according to the agency. He added that the ministry of information and culture has planned to implement 16 projects in Paktika province, BNA added. Dr. Sadat asked the Paktika people to send their children to schools so they don’t face any problem in any section in future, the agency continued. Expressing gratitude over the president’s attention on this province, the Paktika governor hoped the promised projects to come into effect as soon as possible.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan Ministry of Information and Culture in cooperation with the UNESCO celebrated International Mother Language Day (IMLD) on February 2, under the theme “Toward Sustainable Futures through Multilingual Education”, Bakhtar News Agency reported the other day.
A message on the occasion from the country’s president, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has been read out by the presidential social advisor, Malalay Shinwari in which communication has been considered as the main responsibility of mother tongue and other languages to be used to facilitate access to education, said the agency. The country’s constitution has allowed any of the country’s nationals to get education their own language, the message reads. Deputy to cultural affairs of the ministry of information and culture, Mohammad Rassoul Bawari mother tongue enjoyed worldwide importance, thus the day is celebrated globally, quoted the agency. He blamed some individuals to create discord among the people, by using certain tongues and advised that “only with national unity the plot could be prevented,” Some other speakers, including Abdul Rahman Roodwal Assadullah Walvaligi, Zaman Kashkaki, Faridullah Noori and Noor Agha Shindandwal, delivered speeches about the issue in details in the ceremony, to conclude with, the participants issued a statement in several clauses in which promoting education with mother language has been mentioned.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Kamal Sadat, Acting Minister of Information and Culture appreciated three boxers yesterday.
Zamarai Mohammadi, Jamil Nabizada and Sayed Najib Musavi, three top boxers of the country’s national team were appreciated by Dr. Kamal Sadat for their honors and achievements in domestic and foreign competitions.
In a meeting with three sportsmen, Dr. Kamal Sadat asked them to make efforts to obtain honors to Afghanistan so that the name of our country would be more brightened in sport.
Acting minister of information and culture asked Afghanistan youth to refer to sport besides getting education as sport was a sound hobby and guarantees health and prevents youth from drugs. Dr. Sadat regarded preventing youth from drug addiction as religious responsibility of all the people.

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