23 June 2017

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The Saudi Arabia monarch asks Pakistan to clear its stance in dispute of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia considered as a close ally and supporter of Pakistan in regional disputes.
The Two countries which one of them enjoys huge financial resources and the other having strong military power, for years have used the capabilities of each other’s.
From the establishment of so called Taliban to dealing Iran, from Yemeni dispute to dissemination of extremism in different countries across the world, and funding religious seminaries and using Taliban as a means for achieving certain goal were programs that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia jointly carrying out. However, the recent tensions between Yemen and a number of Arabic countries including Saudi Arabia have left Pakistan in a most complicated situation, because that country as has close relation with Saudi Arabia also uses the generosities of Qataris. Now it cannot judge between the two friends.
However, Saudi Arabia insists that Pakistan has to clear it stance regarding to the issue.
Pakistan has tried to play a mediator role between Arabic countries, but it is not acceptable for Saudis. Therefore, Saudi Arabia is increasing its pressure on Pakistan to adopt a pro Saudi Arabia on the dispute. As Newsweek in one of its last issues writes, Islamabad so far has tried to remain impartial in the issue but Saudi Arabia does not consider such an act acceptable and wants Pakistan to back Saudi Arabia on the issue.
As a newspaper that is a branch of New York times daily in Pakistan, on June 14 quoting a high ranking diplomat wrote that Malik  Suliman the king of Saudi Arabia personally has explicitly asked Nawaz Sharif   Pakistani prime minister wither you are with us or with Qatar?
Political experts in Pakistan believe that Pakistan presently is in difficult situation. It should choose one of the two allies and would a hard task for Pakistan to make a decision in that regard because if the country supports one of the countries the other will  uncover the secrets regarding Pakistan that suffer the country a lot.
The countries that were earlier the strategic allies of Pakistan have lost confidence to Pakistan. As United State of America once a great military supporter of Pakistan, now assesses the ways of punishing Pakistan. India, Afghanistan, and Iran the neighbors of Pakistan have no trust to Pakistan at all. Now Saudi Arabia not only a strategic ally of Pakistan but the partner in its terrorist and extremist activities in the region, asks Pakistani prime minister to clear his stance regarding to the relevant issue.
Pakistani political experts say making decision in that regard would be very difficult for Pakistani authorities, because it says no to Saudi Arabia, will face in  to bad reaction of other powerful Arabic countries like Egypt, United Arabic Emirates. Most of Arabic countries accuse Qatar for supporting terrorism.
The new developments in relations of Pakistan with Arabic countries have left Pakistan in a very difficult situation. The time will show, whether Pakistan have the diplomatic bravery to announce clearly its stance regarding to issue or not. However, the last experiences show that as its old diplomacy , flattering constitute its main point will apply that diplomacy once again, in hope to find a way in to political and intelligence service big games among other countries, but in vain.    

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kabul (BNA) After recent remarks of the US secretary of defense, Afghan presidential office said US bombardment inside the country instead to target terrorists’ hideouts beyond the borders have been a US mistake.
The deputy presidential spokesperson, Najibuillah Azad said US was expected to pressure Pakistan in new strategy on Afghanistan.
“One of the US mistakes in the past was it didn’t impose pressure on Pakistan, but fortunately, over the last one year, Afghanistan and the US have found evidences on Pakistan, proving the country’s meddling into Afghanistan’s affairs,” he further said.
This comes as the US secretary of defense, James Mattis has recently said his country won’t repeat last mistakes in Afghanistan.
However, the US defense secretary didn’t specifically point out at US mistakes in Afghanistan, but stressed that Afghanistan won’t change into terrorists’ hideout anymore.
Earlier, the US secretary of defense in the US congress had expressed concern over the US unsuccessful war in Afghanistan.
A member of Wolesi Jirga’s international relations commission, Katawazi said the US success in Afghan war would be impossible unless it pressures Pakistan.
He added if the US doesn’t isolate Pakistan, its new strategy on Afghanistan would also face failure, stressing that the US should force Pakistan to make Taliban join peace process.
A political expert, Haidar Hemat said, “US has made mistakes in Afghanistan in terms of politics and military and now its success in Afghan war directly relates to honest cooperation of Pakistan in peace issues.”
However, the US has not still declared its Afghanistan strategy, but it is expected that by its implementation, war level to reduce at some extent on one hand and on the other, pressure intensifies on Pakistan.
At the same time, a number of Kabul citizens believe that the US in its new strategy should further focus on terrorists’ hideouts operational beyond the country’s borders.
A teacher, Freshta Amarkhil believes that the US is making effort to intensify war in Afghanistan and make Taliban to join peace talks.
This is while that more than fourteen years had passed since presence of the international forces in Afghanistan, but still the country is facing with threats and insecurities.
Thus, it is hoped the US new strategy on Afghanistan to positively affect the situation of the country.
Suraya Raiszada

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, a meeting to discuss the plan for Kabul city development was held the other day, the President Press Office said in a statement.
According to the statement, head of the independent directorate of capital zone, Elham Omar Hotaki presented 15 proposals for the development and economic growth of the capital to the meeting.
The key suggestions presented to the meeting included the cleaning of Kabul River, construction of 100 schools and clinics in Kabul, women empowerment, management of water distribution, and coordination of efforts for the establishment of market for women in order to provide jobs for over 100,000 people, the statement added.
He added the plan for the development and economic growth of the capital aims at providing job opportunities and to fulfill the Kabul city needs, the statement continued.
President Ghani said further discussions will be made during the next meetings for the creation of momentum to implement the development and economic growth plan in the city as he emphasized that the plan will create jobs for the people.
The meeting was attended by Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah, a number of cabinet members, presidential advisers, members of the independent directorate of the local governance, and representatives of supporting countries to the Kabul program, the statement concluded.

Wednesday June 21, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah appreciated Iran for hosting the Afghan refugees during the past three decades. CE Dr. Abdullah made the remarks in a meeting attended by several foreign ambassadors, UN and EU representatives residing in Afghanistan, his office said in a statement. He also urged foreign countries to observe security status before deciding to repatriate Afghan refugees, according to the statement. Afghanistan security condition is deteriorating. The increasing trend of terrorist and suicide attacks in several provinces, which have been skyrocketed during the past two years and the unemployment of the youths have prompted the Afghans to immigrate to other countries.  Currently, over seven million Afghan refugees are residing in foreign countries of whom six millions are dwelling in Iran and Pakistan.

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