23 March 2017

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  Reporting about their continued support to Afghanistan, Germany assured it will continue military presence alongside US in Afghanistan.
German Chancellor said all countries had equal view on Afghanistan, as they were making effort to uproot terrorism, adding the international community’s message to Taliban is that Afghanistan will not be left alone and Germany as well as the US would continue military presence in the country.
He    calling continued support of the US and Germany important to Afghanistan, a number of lawmakers and experts said that Afghanistan was at the focal point of the world countries, an action raised hopes in uprooting terrorism and restoring peace and stability in the country.
A lawmaker, Mohammad Hashim said, “The international community should support Afghanistan for long, because if it is not done, world will face with many challenges.”
He added the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) should be supported and equipped for long in order they successfully fight the terrorist groups. 
Ali Rahmni, a political expert believes that it is a good news to the Afghan people that the world will not leave alone Afghanistan, an action that will guarantee a stable future to the country.
He added there is no doubt that the US and Germany supports are essential to Afghanistan and now the people expect both countries to prioritize annihilation of terrorists’ hideouts and training centers at the new chapter of their commitments in Brussels Summit.
Because, still terrorism is not only threatening Afghanistan but also all regional and the world countries, he went on to say.
Safia Seddiqi, a civil society activist said, “if the world countries really want to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan, they should impose political pressures on terrorism supporting countries.”
At the same time, a number of citizens while expressing optimism on relations of Afghanistan with US and Germany, stressing that the international community should also continue cooperation, because Afghanistan needs long-term support.
Taj Mohammad Akbar, a Kabul resident said, “US and Germany are the greatest donors for developing countries that can cooperate with Afghanistan in different areas, as, the National Unity Government (NUG) is making effort to expand relations with world countries.”
Fariha, a university graduate student believes that in consider with security threats and terrorist groups’ activities, US and Germany should continue supporting Afghanistan in war on terror.
This is while that US and Germany are among the countries that have cooperated with Afghanistan in different fields particularly reconstruction, peace process, capacity building and training of the Afghan security of forces.

Monday March 20, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Foreign (MoF) demands White House to confirm the Gen. Nicholson’s plan about increasing the number of US troops in Afghanistan.
The acting foreign minister, Salahuddin Rabbani who left for Washington has warned that Afghanistan would not succeed unless terrorist safe havens destroyed. Rabbani on Sunday left for Washington to participate at Alliance Foreign Ministers Meeting Against Daesh. “Afghanistan’s challenges and terrorism threats will be discussed in this meeting and we will have our talks. We are hopeful about the increasing number of troops and we support Gen. Nicholson’s plan,” said Salahuddin Rabbani, acting foreign minister.
Foreign Minister Rabbani once again stressed on world collaboration for eradicating terrorist groups. “We won’t succeed until terrorist centers activate and exist, we want serious measures to be taken against the state sponsored terrorism,” Rabbani noted. However, Russia is accused of supporting Taliban in Afghanistan, but the acting foreign minister has different idea about it.  “Moscow has announced that the Taliban group has no legitimacy for Russia and their contact with them is for encouraging them for negotiations,” Rabbani added. The commander of the American-led international military force in Afghanistan, has previously told Congress that he needed a few thousand additional troops to more effectively train and advise Afghan soldiers. The international force that is helping the Afghans currently has 13,300 troops, 8,400 of whom are American.

Monday March 20, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh in a meeting with Iranian ambassador to Kabul discussed key issues including trade and transit roads the other day, a statement from his office said.
According to the statement, both sides discussed trade issues including the newly built Chabahar port importance in beefing up trade facilities between the two countries trade activities, as well with the ambassador, Mohammad Reza Bahrami saying his country’s commitment to build a bridge on the Helmand River to boost trade activities as well as providing further facilities for the Afghan refugees in his country. He said 250 scholarships have been provided for the Afghan students to attended higher education in Iran, said the agency.

Monday March 20, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with a number of Baghlan elders and representatives, during which he expressed condolence and sympathy over martyrdom of Alam Jan Mujahid and prayed for the soul of deceased, his office said in a statement. According to the statement, in the meeting which was held at the Presidential Palace, President Ghani has stressed strict measures to deal with land-grabbers, calling social justice vital to eliminating problems in northern Baghlan province. The visiting delegation thanked the president for paying personal attention toward the problems facing the province and urged him to order an investigation into the killing of Haji Alam Jan Mujahid, the provincial council member, the statement added.
The president said a unit of 400 personnel had been formed in Kabul to wrest back the grabbed lands. The unit was able to get back state lands and assets, he added, the statement continued. President Ghani pledged resolving the electricity issue of Baghlan and implementing reforms in military and civilian institutions. In addition, a presidential delegation headed by Advisor Abdul Sattar Saadat will travel to Baghlan soon, the statement concluded. 

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