19 August 2019

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Monday August 18, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Almost hundred years ago, Afghanistan gained its independence from British Empire. People at home and abroad reacted to this great historic event. Inside Afghanistan, fellow citizens reacted to this great national epic by celebrations and expression of their support of the Afghan youth regime and King Amanullah Khan. After gaining freedom, an independent, proud and developed Afghanistan was considered as the most important goal of the Afghan government and the nation. Moreover, the overseas movements of liberation in the region and the Islamic world affected by this important event, which had abandoned the legend of the invincibility of the British Empire, which used as a powerful motivator for strengthening and expanding liberation movements in their countries. This event created sparks of hope in other Asian countries at a time when they were under political and economic domination of foreign powers. Indian liberators, especially Indian Muslims, interpreted the independence of Afghanistan as a good omen and demanded the revival of the Islamic caliphate, which was abandoned after the victory of Mustafa Kamal in Turkey, led by King Amanullah Khan. Later, this has diminished the relationship between the Afghan youth regime with the Soviet Union.
It is worth to mention that the value and importance of Afghanistan’s independence at international level was revealed during the six months of King Amanullah’s journey to Europe.
When King Amanullah arrived in Egypt, the Egyptians and the reputable newspapers recognized the visit of Afghanistan’s king to Egypt as a historic event and a great honor for the Egyptian people, and welcomed him as a champion of the Islamic world. All this welcome and respect in reality was a kind of praise and appreciation of the heroism and courage of the poor, the oppressed and the unheard nation who, with all the incapacity rise and broke up the first circle of British colonialism with incredible courage, and moved in line with independent political and economic life. Undoubtedly, this courageous act to other nations of the world was more like a myth than the truth. In many countries, King Amanullah was encouraged and loved by people and their leaders as a mythical hero. For instance, when King Amanullah arrived in Iran, during the meetings and visits to the Iranian people, they showed so much affection and sincerity on their part that even made Reza Shah jealous and anxious.
He wished that king Amanullah Khan should leave his country as soon as possible, so that, these visits would not cause the insurgency and dissatisfaction of the people against him.
Furthermore, the European countries expressed their interest in meeting with King Amanullah and to establish political, economic and cultural relations with the new and independent government of Afghanistan.
In particular, British competitors in Europe, which included Germany and France called for widespread political, economic, and cultural relations with Afghanistan.
It is noteworthy that gaining independence from British Empire gave special authority and prestige to Afghanistan at international level. As German President Paul von Hindenburg presented the flag of the country to King Amanullah during the military parade held in honor of the national day of Germany. Further, when King Amanullah visited Paris, he was offered by the Mayor of Paris to sleep on Napoleon Bonaparte’s bed on the first night of his stay in the city, and he was given the title Napoleon of the East.
On the other hand, the British authorities committed to offer significant grants including economic cooperation to Afghanistan during the visit of King Amanullah from London if the king avoid his travel to Moscow. Nevertheless, King Amanullah refused all these offers to reveal the unconditional independence of Afghanistan and departed to Moscow. During his visits and signing of bilateral agreements with soviet authorities, he succeeded to further strengthen the bilateral ties between the states.
The Afghan youth regime has achieved international trust and credibility by gaining freedom from the British Empire and establishment of an independent state.
Bezhan Azam


Monday August 18, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Ghani said that now it’s the time to complete historical chapter of King Amanullah Khan. Our political freedom has been gained by the sword of National Hero Ghazi Amanullah Khan.
The president appreciated the founder of Afghanistan independence more than every other political leader. There are ideas today that didn’t exist in several previous decades’ governments, including changing of Afghanistan to a regional transit crossroad, creation of transit road for central Asia, construction of a railway from Central Asia into Afghanistan… etc. some of these ideas have been implemented while others have not been implemented due to security reasons.
Attention to economy, including mines extraction that based on historical documents, it has been one of the basic temptations of King Amanullah, which are now the main priority for president Ghani.
Beside those, rebuilding of Dar-ul-Aman palace at the instruction of president Ghani and relocation of government bodies in its vicinity was another efforts of president Ghani who tried to complete another dream of King Amanullah Khan.
One of the similarities between President Ashraf Ghani and King Amanullah Khan is their common and joint goals. Efforts of both concentrated on changing of Afghanistan. None of these political leaders have malevolent intention to western civilization and culture and follow western nation-state building example. Its reason might have been their acquaintance with Western civilization and culture. Although the King Amanullah Khan at his young age had only once visited the west while President Ashraf Ghani is a western trained and educated and is directly and effectively acquired with the texture of western societies.
King Amanullah’s reforms
In the wake of gaining Afghanistan’s Independence in Aug 19. 1919 (Asad 28th 1298), the king started reforms in the country. In 1923 he changed his title of Amir to King and appointed Abdul Qudous Khan and Mahmood Tarzi as prime minister and minister of foreign affairs respectively.
Social and political reforms
Emphasize on the nation’s freedom and independence, establishment of a lawful administration, approval and confirmation of the constitution were the key works done at his time. For the first time this constitution was approved in a Loya Jirga on Feb 29th 1924 in Jalalabad with the participation of 872 delegates. It was later confirmed in Loya Jirga, Paghman in 1928. Obedience of people from law was another reform.
Cultural reforms:
Emphasize on compulsory primary education, construction of schools, including Amani and Isteqlal boy’s and Mastoorat and Esmat girls schools as the latter was later changed to Malalai, sending of students to abroad, publication of Ershad-un-Naswan magazine for women, were among other innovations of this reformist ruler plus industrial development, improvement of agriculture, paving the way of Afghan businessmen presence and involvement in the world markets.
Establishment of new cities, development of capital Kabul, construction of urban roads, provincial highways, extension of telephone and telegraph lines between capital city and provincial capitals, agreement with Frenches on construction of railway on the south and north of Kabul were remarkable steps that were taken by the then progressive King.
Foreign policy
Informing of foreign countries from assassination of his father, Amir Habibullah Khan and Amanullah Khan Emirate, introducing of Afghanistan as an independent and free country, holding of contracts with different countries with respect to independence of the country, disagreement with British policies and approaching to Soviet government, official recognition of new Russian government, signing of friendship treaty with Soviet Union on Feb 21.1921 which was the beginning point of Afghan-Soviet relations; Exploitation of balanced strategy between Britain and the then Soviet Union, signing of friendship treaty with Iran in 1920 as well as with Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Japan, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, Libya…etc.
King Amanullah wanted the Afghan people to live among other people of the world with dignity and he was committed and loyal to peaceful co-existence and good neighborliness with other countries.
King Amanullah Khan had always emphasized that the young generation of this territory should be fostered with spirit of patriotism and knowledge to protect independence of Afghanistan and should be aware of plots and conspiracies of enemies of this land.
In 1929, king Amanullah faced with extensive disagreements and riots and had to give up thrown and leave the country, departed to Bombay and went to Italy and spent rest of his life there. Ghazi Amanullah Khan died on Apr 26.1960 in Italy and his funeral was transferred to Afghanistan and buried close to his father’s grave in Jalalabad city.
Our people may remember this indefatigable leader forever and his soul may rest in peace.
Lailuma Noori

Sunday August 18, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani participated and delivered speech in a ceremony held Friday evening at Chahar Chenar Palace on the occasion of starting work on renovation of Shah-i-du Shamshira Mosque. In the ceremony attended by Princess Hendia and Princess Najia, daughters of King Amanullah Khan, a number of religious ulamas and Kabul residents, first, acting minister of urban development and land Jawad Paykar spoke and said: “Based on verdict of the country’s President, renovation work of Shah-i-du Shamshira is going to be started by the ministry’s department for reconstruction and renovation of historic monuments and mosques.” He added that the project worth 23.6 million afghani would be completed in a year. Afterwards, acting minister of hajj and Islamic affairs spoke and praised the country’s President for his attention to construction of mosques in particular renovation of Eidgah and Pul-e-Kheshti mosques and other mosques in all provinces of the country.
After hearing speeches delivered in the ceremony, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said it was an honor that there were daughters of King Amanullah Khan in the ceremony, adding that their grandmothers had been the well-known women of the country’s history who had renovated and reconstructed not only this mosque but other mosques and mausoleums of great figures of the country. “Mosque is the home of Almighty Allah and center of Muslims community and undoubtedly it is the duty of the President and the government to build and renovate mosques,” President Ghani added, saying that all historic monuments, mosques and significant Khanqahs will be renovated and rebuilt.

Sunday, August 18, 2019
Kabul (BNA) National Security Council issuing a statement condemned the terrorist attack in Kwita.
According BNA report the statement has said that a terrorist attack carried out in mosque in Kachlagh region Kwitta city during Friday prayer killed and wounded a number of people.
While we are suffering from such barbaric and brutal terrorist attack since a long time and a great number of our innocent citizens have lost their lives, condemn the attack and precisely consider explosion in mosques against Islamic law and Islam as a whole.
Afghans firmly believe that terrorism should be condemned everywhere and should fight against it without any consideration.
Once again we repeatedly insist that terrorism is an evil and deadly phenomenon should be severely condemned and firmly stand against it.
The people of Afghanistan are the main victim of this horrible phenomenon so condemn all kinds of terrorism take place inside or outside the country.

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