28 April 2017

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Kabul (BNA) The recent terrorist incidents and claiming the responsibility by Taliban made some political figures to change their stance against Taliban and acknowledge that they are terrorists.

BNA reporter reporting the issue writes while during the last months and days some countries and domestic politicians due their own reasons and programs have tried to give Taliban a false identity, but the recent terrorist incidents that Taliban claimed their responsibility made them to acknowledge that they have made mistake in Taliban’s recognition.

Although everybody knows about savagery of Taliban against Afghan people, but certain countries because of their own reasons, programs and political games launched in the level of the region have found Taliban a proper power for achieving their heinous objectives in the region. Therefore, some people introduced Taliban as a political movement and some others as a reality in Afghan society and deliberately ignored their terrorist activities and even some called Taliban a reality of Afghan society and called them dissident brothers.

Afghan political experts believe that these foreign countries and certain domestic circles giving Taliban false tittles were following their own objectives and programs and Taliban in their part use the situation in to their own benefit. However, the tragic terrorist incidents in Afghanistan such as suicide attack on a hospital or on a mosque, claimed their responsibilities by Taliban left no room for the sympathizers of Taliban but to confess of their being terrorists.

Taliban by committing such heinous crimes not only became more isolated but also made their supporters to acknowledge that made a mistake in recognizing Taliban. Now they confess that Taliban are nothing but a terrorist group and are not in a situation to call them a political group.

Political experts say that Taliban committing such terrorist crimes are not a political movement any more. The people who still insist and know Taliban as political group either they not know the real nature of Taliban or deliberately ignore the crimes committed by this terrorist group. This attitude could be a severe and deadly blow not only against Afghan people but also against the entire humanity.

Terror, carrying suicide attacks, and killing people are the peculiarities of Taliban. Therefore, no one should expect political, civil, and human activities from this notorious group. It is to the humanity as a whole to fight this evil group to the end and rescue humankind from evil of them.

Investment on such extremist and backward group would be nothing but a mistake and self- delusion, as some politicians have acknowledged to such a mistake. 


Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Monday accepted resignation of defense minister and chief of army staff after Shaheen 209 military corps’ deadly attack, the presidential palace statement said.

The decision came at a high-level security meeting chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and attended by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, National Security Advisor (NSA) Mohammad Hanif Atmar and the outgoing defense minister and chief of army staff.

The security situation of the country was discussed and options for the development and empowerment of security forces were explored at the meeting, statement from the Presidential Palace added.

Defense Minister Abdullah Habibi and Chief of Army Staff Gen. Qadam Shah Shahim tendered their resignations, thanking the leadership of the national unity government for their support.  They, however, offered to serve the government in the future in case of need.

The president hailed the services of the defense minister and the chief of army staff, calling them the loyal sons of the soil.  The president said qualified and deserving individuals would be appointed as their replacements soon.

Kabul (BNA)  Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with US commander of central command Gen. Joseph L. Votel and accompanying delegation here yesterday, a statement said.

According to the chief executive press office, Gen. Joseph condoled the death of Afghan security forces in Shaheen 209 corps attack, emphasizing on joint cooperation of the two countries’ forces in war on terror.

Pointing to President Trump’s policy of Afghanistan, Gen. Joseph said his president was interest on Afghan issues and was following the incidents respectively.

Welcoming Gen. Joseph, Dr. Abdullah emphasized on joint cooperation of the two countries’ armies in term of security and military.  He also emphasized on further military cooperation between the two counties. 

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met yesterday with US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, heading a US high-ranking delegation.

In the meeting held at presidential palace, both sides discussed security situation in Afghanistan and region, war on terror and cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

First, US Defense Secretary extended his country’s condolence to President Ghani and the people of Afghanistan over terrorist attacks in 209th Shaheen corps, saying that United States was committed to continued cooperation with Afghanistan and the cowardly attack on ANA soldiers while praying in mosque was a sign of weakness and lack of terrorists’ adherence to humanity.

“Our mission has not ended so far in Afghanistan and they will keep standing beside the government and people Afghanistan and in consideration to importance of Afghanistan we have dispatched our experienced advisors to the country”, Mattis said, adding that his country’s presence in Afghanistan was for a good aim and we should coordinate our diplomacy and military affairs with each other.

US Defense Secretary further said, “We perceive your problems, but steps taken regarding to reforms, good governance and counter corruption are touchable.”

Afterwards, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani while praising the US government for its continued support and cooperation with Afghanistan recalled three key challenges as terrorism, narcotics and corruption, asserting that war in Afghanistan was not a civil war, but Afghan defense and security forces were in front line for war on international terrorism.  He asserted that terrorists wanted to use Afghanistan soil against others and casualties of Taliban and other terrorist groups have increased during the past six months comparing to the past 15 years.

The country’s President told US defense secretary to convey his good wishes to President Donald Trump.

Mohammad Asharaf Ghani said bringing reforms and counter corruption were their responsibility and commitment, adding that we should accept terrorism as common threat to the world and asked for joint counter terrorism effort.

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