21 May 2018

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Mujahidin Defeat Then Soviet Union Forces, But Couldn’t Save The Achievements

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) February 14 the anniversary day of the then Soviet Union forces withdrawal from Afghanistan titled, as a national rescue day, is a conjecture point in modern history of Afghanistan. 
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the former Soviet Union forces left Afghanistan on February 14, 1989 ended their occupation after nine years heavy fighting and sustaining huge losses.  The then Soviet Union forces invaded Afghanistan on January 26, 1979 via ground and air and occupied the country. This barbaric action faced with severe reflection of the world community and because of devotion and heroic struggle of Afghan people impelled to leave Afghanistan. In spite of that, the former Soviet Union withdrew its forces from Afghanistan according to so-called Genu Agreement in order to save its dignity. However, not only Afghan people but also the peoples around the world considered it as a shameful defeat, which achieved at the cost of more than two million martyrs who lost their lives in fighting against Red Army’s atrocities and occupation of the country. The Afghans with their long lasting and heroic struggle against this super power of the world brought this invincible power in to its knees and collapsed the empire of the then Soviet Union as a result of which many countries achieved their independence and emerged as independent countries in world arena.
Commemorating February 14 in reality is commemoration of Jihad and résistance of Afghan people against foreign occupation and defending national values and Islamic indent of the country. They achieved this glorious victory with empty hands but strong faith firmly stood against the most powerful force that had undeniable role in world policies and great games. Victory against such horrible and fully armed enemy is a great honor for a poor but with high dignity and lead to lofty inspirations Afghan Mujahid people. Unfortunately, the jealousy and illegal and ambitious demands of certain countries of the region and certain circles of former mujahidin looted the results of this victory and mujahidin who wanted to establish an effective government faced with foreign seditions of aliens. One the program and sedition was changing to the naught the achievement of Jihad, which designed and implemented by foreign intelligence. These heinous circles have succeeded to break out factional among mujahidin and prolongation of war in the country but the Afghan people are committed not let the enemies to achieve their evil goals and to establishing a democratic system in the country.

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