21 May 2018

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UAE Can Force Taliban To Attend Peace Talks

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Friday February 17, 2017
Kabul (BNA) During his recent visit to UAE, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani discussed security situation of Afghanistan and the region and asked those countries who would play positive role for restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan to make sincere and serious cooperation and save Afghanistan and region from war on terror. President Ghani has also sympathized and condoled the families of those five UAE diplomats who were killed in attack on Kandahar provincial guest house. Nearly one month ago there was an explosion in Kandahar provincial guest house in which twelve people including deputy governor of Kandahar and five UAE diplomats, were killed and 19 others wounded.
Although the UAE has so far not taken any step on restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan but most Afghans believe that due to its influence on Pakistan, UAE can force Pakistan to cooperate for restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan and encourage Taliban to attend the peace talks table.
Rich Arabic Sheikhs assist Pakistan government and armed Taliban and stopping of theses assistance can force Taliban to attend peace talks, but yet the UAE has not made any clear decision that gives up secret support of Taliban. It should be said that the warning of US president to those countries who have sympathy with armed insurgents, may force UAE to impose pressure on Pakistan to exonerate itself and takes strong steps for restoration of regional stability. Hereafter the Arab world cannot rescue itself from the world competitions. And under the pretext of war on terror continue its assistance. Prior to this, Saudi Arabia has also promised to organize an Islamic Conference in Riyadh city with the participation of Islamic teachings scholars on peace and security in Afghanistan to call terrorism against Islamic and prove actions of this group contrary to Islam. But this conference has not been organized yet. The Afghans hope that the Arab World especially Saudi Arabia is capable to exert increasing pressure on Pakistan aimed peace and stability in Afghanistan and to give up terrorists support and make counter-terror steps.
Pakistan Chief of Army Gen Qamar Bajwa has promised to US defense secretary to suppress the terrorist groups in Pakistan soil and take serious steps for their elimination. But so far Pakistan has not taken even small counter-terror step. We would see the impacts of Kandahar would not incident on Afghan –UAE economic, political relations. But Afghans say that Kandahar impact their bilateral relations. Because this problem is not restricted only to Afghanistan but whole the world is at close quarter with it. But the UAE should understand that she had recognized Taliban regime and had assisted them, but today Taliban ignored UAE support and attacked UAE interests. The UAE should now start regional cooperation for uprooting of terrorism and don’t let the region to be victimized by terror. Because without regional and global cooperation elimination of terrorism is impossible as the US has also called on the world including Arab world to make decisive measures on prevention of terrorism. The USA has imposed travel ban on seven Arab counties nationals that their citizens cannot travel to the US. If terror continue, the US sanctions’ will increase.

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