10 August 2020

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Daikundi Officials, People Ask Government for Development Projects

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Zia Hamdard, the governor of Daikundi province and a number of representatives of the provincial council and heads of government departments of the province met with Sarwar Danesh, the second Vice President in his office yesterday.
The governor of Daikundi briefed the second vice president on the general situation in Daikundi, the problems and challenges in the security, electricity, transport, education and agriculture sectors in the province, the VP press office said.
In the meeting, the governor of Daikundi called on the government to pay serious attention to the problems of the people of Daikundi in the security sector, especially in equipping security forces, building airports, constructing transportation routes, building provincial hospitals and repairing schools and building standard agricultural cold storages. VO Danesh thanked the Daikundi Governor, members of the Provincial Council and heads of government departments for following the demands of the people and said that the government was aware of the problems and demands of the people of Daikundi and trying to address the demands.
VP Danesh added that in order to accelerate the process of addressing the demands of the people of Daikundi and the challenges, local officials should have continued coordination and communication with government departments.
The second Vice President added that the main priorities of Daikundi province are the people's access to electricity, roads and airports, and that the responsible authorities have plans in these areas, but it is necessary that the local administration also seriously pursue them. VP Danesh said that the Daikundi Airport construction project is being seriously pursued by the Office of the Second Vice President and the Independent Civil Aviation Authority, and that the project is currently being evaluated and efforts are being made to reach the signing stage soon.
According to him, the construction of Daikundi provincial hospital, along with the construction of provincial hospitals in several other provinces, has been entrusted to the National Development Company and will be soon started.
During the meeting, the Vice President emphasized on strengthening local governance in Daikundi and said that the local government of the province should be more active, accountable and transparent in order to address the problems of the people and try to increase the people's trust. VP Danesh also referred to the peace process in the country and said that local officials in Daikundi province should convey the main view of the Afghan government on the peace process.
He stressed that peace should mean the end of war. The vice president said that the Afghan government considers peace to be one of its priorities, but that peace should be based on the republic and the constitution, while preserving the achievements of the Afghan government and people over the past 19 years.


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