26 October 2020

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Sunday, 14 April 2013 06:56

Rocket Attacks On NATO Base In Nangarhar

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Jalalabad (BNA) Nangarhar Airport which more NATO forces are stationed came under rocket attacks.
These rockets were fired from unspecified place on the Airport.
Ahmad Zeya Abdulzai spokesman of Nangarhar governor confirmed firing of two rockets in the Airport and said nothing about casualties of the incident.
Airport of Nangahar located in the east of Jalalabad center of the province. 
The attack occurred yesterday in Marko bazaar and two drivers of NATO supplying caravan were killed. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, 14 April 2013 06:53

Poppy Fields Destroyed

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Jalalabad (BNA) 125 jirib of poopy fields were destroyed in the Ghanikhail district of Nangarhar province.
The poppy fields have been destroyed during a special program of Afghan forces in the Ghanikhail district.
Mohammad Masoom Hashimi deputy of Nangarhar police command said BNA, elimination of poppy farms continuing in the mentioned district. 
Elimination of poppy farms has been started since two days back and continues till now in the district.
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan in the course of history has been the center of many renowned and ancient civilizations in the region.
The people of this region hold diverse traditions with braveries and a unique sense of patriotism for their great homeland. The country retains a particular and significant position for its valuable cultural heritages including monuments and relics in the region that still many of remnants preserved by the Ministry of Information and culture in national museum and in provinces of the country as the national asset and cultural heritages of Afghanistan are precious for the Afghan nation.
Moreover every monument, relics and historical sites has its own particular importance that narrates heroism and lifestyle of Afghans through various ages of the history, still many of these cultural heritages require preservation but several others annihilated due to decades of war and conflicts in the country. For protection of Afghan cultural heritages these pride of each Afghan, the Afghan government particularly the ministry of information and culture (MoIC) vigorously strives to rehabilitate monuments, relics and historical sites across the country. For this purpose Islamic, Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) announced Ghazni once the capital of Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi as the capital of Islamic culture in 2013. The decision undertaken by ISESCO in 2007 during its sixth annual meeting in the Libya capital Tripoli was a great move in which the delegates from the Islamic countries unanimously adopted a resolution and announced the ancient city of Ghazni as the capital of Islamic culture and civilization for the year 2013.
Obviously, Ghazni has retained a great reputation in terms of culture and civilization in the Islamic world while previously the city was known as the (Bride of the cities) due to vast reserves of Islamic architectures and existence of well-known scholars such as Al-Beroni, Bahlol Dana and Sanayee and the province also given birth to one of the greatest conquerors Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi who is considered as one of the bravest profile of his era.
Also other valuable and historical sites and monuments located in other provinces of Afghanistan remind as the memories of the great civilizations arise from this particular region of the world. What we consider as vital step towards safeguarding of cultural heritages in the country is the successful implementation of several major projects on repairing of many valuable cultural heritages in recent years by MoIC. Fortunately many of the monuments, relics and historical places rehabilitation have been completed and work on the remained monuments to be concluded very soon. In general, attention to conservation of our cultural heritages is considered as vital step towards the safeguarding the national identity and rich history of Afghanistan. Therefore the relevant officials and organs should endeavor to preserve the national identity of Afghan nation and struggle to preserve the cultural heritages of the country from annihilation.

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Kabul (BNA) In a recent statement Indian foreign minister Salman Khurshid categorically announced that the Indian government will not remain indifference into the situations in Afghanistan and said that situations in Afghanistan directly and psychologically impacts India and urged upon international forces stationed in the country to ensure their responsible evacuations and Indian concerns on post-2014 Afghanistan should also be considered by foreign countries.
Indian foreign affairs minister Salman Khurshid emphasized that his country can`t remain as spectator into the situations in Afghanistan. Because Indians believe that situations in Afghanistan have physical and mental impacts on India as well and warned that those who considers India as part of Afghan crisis are totally in misconceptions and their interpretations are totally contrary to the ground realities, reiterating that New Delhi will never allow them to utter illogical things once more.
India can`t remain as spectator into Afghan affairs, because situations in Afghanistan directly impacts India. This came after previously Indian stakeholders persistently announced that Taliban could reintegrate in some regions of Afghanistan after 2014 and India seriously face threats from the insurgents` reintegration, said Indian foreign affairs minister Salman Khurshid, adding that peace negotiation process is only the responsibility of Afghan government, but emphasized that Kabul should prefer between peace loving Taliban and rest of the insurgents and it’s our responsibility to make aware our Afghan counterparts from our concerns particularly after 2014 following withdraw of NATO and ISAF forces from the country.
It’s expressed that soon Indian foreign minister travel to Kazakhstan where he will attend a meeting of Afghanistan. Over the previous eleven years, Indians provided nearly $ two billion financial assistance to Afghanistan and couple of months before Afghanistan had signed strategic cooperation partnership agreement with India and the US. Both the united states and India are supporting Afghanistan in all sectors including training of ANSF personnel and these countries are trying that Afghanistan move towards socioeconomic development following international forces pullout in 2014.
As Afghanistan gets nearer to the holding of presidential elections and withdraw of international forces in 2014, diplomats and leaders of eight countries are trying to accelerate efforts for restoration of sustainable peace and security in the country and Indians are trying to play greater role in the transformation decade and the recent expansion of relations between Kabul-Delhi could be counted part of these efforts and India as one of the strategic allies of Afghanistan could play decisive role in restoration of peace and stability in the region on condition that Pakistan pursue sincere role and ensure its honesty in this sphere.
It`s fact that sincere cooperation between the regional countries conserves interests of the whole countries in the region and supports them to enhance their economic and diplomatic ties, because the requirements of time to expand cooperation between the regional countries and Afghanistan is connecting bridge between south and central Asia and corridor to India. India as one of the greatest democratic nations of the world and as a growing economy has always stayed alongside the oppressed people of Afghanistan and provided generous humanitarian assistance to the country without considering that which type of regime dominating in the country and India considers Afghanistan as its strategic ally in the region.
After Indians retriggered its financial assistance to Afghanistan, it focused on two major sectors including renovation basic infrastructures of the country and humanitarian cooperation, because following collapse of the fundamental regime of Taliban, Afghanistan was passing through major challenges and hardships and needed cooperation of foreign countries same as India. Alongside its humanitarian and financial assistance in the reconstruction process, the Indians also struggled to further nourish its diplomatic relations with the government of Afghanistan and currently Afghan official confidently deal with the role of Indians in reconstruction process of the country. India has funded major projects in Afghanistan and with consideration of that requisite, India forge strategic cooperation partnership agreement with Afghanistan.
Both allies Afghanistan and India believe that strategic cooperation partnership, political and economic relations between the two countries will not impact interests of other nations in the region and the cooperation between the two nations are linked to their historic and brotherly bilateral ties which had been initiated since past. This came after Indian foreign minister Salman Khurshid categorically announced and reiterated his country`s stance that India will not compromise on its relations with Afghanistan an vowed to stay alongside the people of Afghanistan for longstanding period.

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Kabul (BNA) As the timeline for holding of 2014 presidential and provincial council`s elections gets nearer, people of Afghanistan interpret the election process from divers perceptions and despite some challenges confronted by the country, people are also hopeful over the newly established democratic institutions of the country that get strength smoothly and the nation firmly believe on peace transition of power in 2014.
As the meantime, political factions urge upon the Govt. to forge comprehensive strategies to counter the challenges effectively and pave the ground for legitimate elections endorsable both to Afghan nation and international community and rival parties also warn that any fraud and violation of the process could lay tragic consequences to the country. Following speculations and controversies over poll rigging and violations in the upcoming presidential elections, president Karzai in his annual address to the parliament reiterated his firm determination for holding of free, fair and transparent elections and said that the government of Afghanistan is fully determined on holding of legitimate and transparent poll to lead the country towards development and social prosperity and vowed that prospect of the national development process lies on holding of legitimate elections.
The president emphasized that the next elections has great significance to the country and assured the nation and political parties that the Govt. doesn’t want to meddle in the poll. Undoubtedly, there are some political and social challenges on way of the election process and people realize the fact if the election isn’t held in free, fair and transparent way, it could have damaging impacts on future political stability of the country.
However, security institutions of the country have persistently assured the nation that they will provide foolproof security to the polling process, but still people have concerns over insecurity in some provinces that could prevent people to cast their ballots in a peaceful environment without facing any security threat while on the other hand, violations of laws by some influential figures and candidates will also have its own impacts on the process.
It has been proved that by apparent some candidates obliged themselves to the laws, but in some cases, these election nominees violate the laws deliberately and elimination of such issues requires democratic institutions to be institutionalized in the country and political culture is further developed. Meanwhile, political factions besides urging on transparency of the elections also maintain some differences over utilization of voting cards and these parties believe if that new cards should be issued to the public to ensure the next elections held in transparent manner and until now a consensus has not been made on the issue of voting cards between Govt. and political parties. Considering the upper challenges, both the Govt. and political parties are required to reach a consensus regarding the issue of voting cards that could us to preserve our national interests and it’s important to mention that government and rival factions should prefer interests of the country to their personal or political objectives so that achievements of the previous decade weren’t sacrificed for demands of some grounds of parties. Currently, the country is passing through sensitive circumstances and with consideration of country`s sensitivity, all parties including the present political system should struggle to sustain their national unification and tranquility to overcome on the common challenges faced by the nation and these parties that intend to participate in the upcoming poll should provide proper ground to the general public to mark their destiny by casting votes.
The history reveals evidence that thirty years of differences and enmity besides devastating socioeconomic infrastructures of the country also provided golden opportunity to the enemy and external powers to expand their influences in Afghanistan and keep the country burning in the flames of war and instability. Now, appropriate time has reach both government and political parties hack their names in the page of history by doing good deeds for the sake of political stability and national unification of this nation and all should join hands and work together for a single cause so that the country some out of the current challenges and political parties should avoid further differences.

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Kabul (BNA) With reading out of a message of president Karzai, the ceremony marking declaration of the Ghazni city as the capital of world Islamic cultural center, the city of peace and friendship held in Ghazni city yesterday the BNA reports.
Attended by some cabinet ministers, presidential advisors, some members of parliament, governors of some provinces, senior foreign guests and officials of government department, social personalities, the ceremony preceded reading of the president’s message by Prof. Nematullah Shahrani senior presidential advisor.
The message noted that today not only is praiseworthy for the people of Ghazni, but for entire people of Afghanistan and the cultural circles. 
It is a matter of praise that one of the most ancient sites of arts related the Islamic culture is declared as the Islamic world cultural center.
In the fourth and fifth centuries HQ Ghazni was a shining and flourishing city of this region. 
The scientists, literary figures and poets from nearby and distant regions were attracted towards Ghazni and this indeed led to flourishing and enriching of science in the Islamic culture.
Today we pay homage and honor to the names of pioneers of science and culture, their works and thinking and for the assets of this city, undoubtedly, this cultural rich is considered the gains of our country and the Islamic world.
It is necessary that the residents of this area feel honor over the richness of science, cultural and education that they contributed to the world. 
I appreciate the efforts of the Ministry of Information and Culture and the ISESCO over organizing the festival.
The governor of Ghazni addressing the armed Taliban said that what we are celebrating today, is our religious and Islamic culture and also asked the neighboring countries to assist Afghanistan in restoration of peace and this way achieve their Islamic mission towards Afghanistan.
Fazel Hadi Muslimyar Chairman of the senate emphasized on the role of expansion of culture and Islamic civilization, adding that this large gathering is an honor for the entire people of Afghanistan and the Islamic world.
Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture said that for situating on the course of Silk Route and the highway linking the civilizations, from the past years, Afghanistan was site for cultures and different civilizations. 
One of these civilizations relates to the Ghaznavid kingdom and Ghazni was its capital of this kingdom that achieved a great   part in the building of world culture for this very reason and the great part that this city had in the expansion of regional culture especially in the sub-continent of India and transferring of culture and Hindustani arts to the Middle East and Central Asia, this city has been declared by the ISESCO as the center for world Islamic culture.
He added that declaring of the Ghazni as the center for world Islamic culture has prepared a good opportunity towards strengthening unity and solidarity and expansion of cultural relations among the Muslim Umma.
This can prepare a good ground for displaying the real picture of the cultural richness of this city to the Islamic world and convey the message of peace to the world.
He added that the Ghazni city changed into the main center science and culture of Islam during the Ghaznavid dynasty and the presence of Abdu Raihan Al-Beruni, Ferdausi, Unsuri, Sanayee and some other famed personalities paved the ground for expansion of science and culture to all territories ruled by the Ghaznavids and in the region as well to the Islamic countries.
Dr. Raheen at the end thanked international friends, the US, Poland, Italy, Germany, the ISESCO and others for their assistance and cooperation in organizing this festival.
Dr. Sayed Mohammand Husaini Minister of Culture of Iran representing the friendly countries addressed the gathering and said that praising the poets of Ghazni is reflector of the special position that this city had in enrichment of culture and Islamic civilization.  He noted that immense personalities used to settle in this city for this was the site expansion of science and culture.
He noted that Iran and Afghanistan have common cultural bonds and the high caliber personalities of Ghazni are respected by people of both countries and there is distance among them.  The stressed that in his meeting he had proposed to Dr. Raheen that a sister link between Ghazni and Nisahpur should be maintained.
The message of Dr. Abdul Aziz Ousman chairman of the ISESCO was read out by Dr. Abbas Sadri head of regional office of ISESCO in Teheran.
The message noted that today we are celebrating a civilization that made Afghanistan a part of the important zones of the world.
Dr. Raheen while a great number of foreign guests were present including Nabi Farahi and Sayed Musadeq Khalili deputy minister and head of departments of that ministry visited the exhibition of books and Ghazni museum.  According to another report, the exhibition that has been organized by Ministry of Information and Culture was opened by Dr. Raheen at the National Archive.
According to the head of National Gallery around 100 pieces of calligraphy of Ghazni court is on display at the exhibition.

Sunday, 14 April 2013 06:36

President Karzai Meets Czech PM

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met yesterday with Petr Necas, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic to discuss issues of mutual interest.
At the meeting held in the presidential palace, the two sides discussed ways to enhance bilateral cooperation in various areas.
Welcoming Prime Minister Necas, President Karzai called the Czech Republic an old friend of Afghanistan, as it had friendly relations with Afghanistan since distant past.
President Karzai asked the Czech prime minister to convey his good wishes and gratitude to the people of Czech Republic for their assistance with Afghanistan. 
Petr Necas then said that it was his first trip to Afghanistan, expressing pleasure over existing bilateral relationship and cooperation between the two countries.
The Czech prime minister reassured that his country would remain committed to continue, military presence under NATO and its cooperation through bilateral relations with Afghanistan beyond 2014. 
He added that the Czech government was interested in having regular discussions with the Afghan side on how to expand relations and cooperation between the two countries.
Pointing to the well-known educational institutions in the Czech Republic, the president requested Prime Minister Necas to provide educational opportunities for Afghan youth in areas of medicine and engineering financed by the Afghan government.
Responding positively to the request of president Karzai, Prime Minister Necas reaffirmed the availability of good educational opportunities in his country.
At the meeting, the Czech Ambassador to Kabul was assigned to facilitate in collaboration with Afghanistan’s Minister of Higher Education, the educational opportunities for Afghan students in the Czech Republic.
The Czech prime minister said that his country was seeking enhanced cooperation and relations with Afghanistan, adding that they are keen to invest in various fields including transport mining and other areas.
President Karzai instructed government officials, who also attended the meeting to soon take all required actions in cooperation with the Czech Embassy in Kabul to pave the way for Czech investments in Afghanistan.

Saturday, 13 April 2013 13:38

News In Brief

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The Afghan and coalition security forces arrested a senior Taliban leader and detained two other insurgents during an operation in Nad 'Ali district, Helmand province, today.

The leader commands multiple cells of Taliban fighters and with his subordinates, is alleged to have participated in numerous complex attacks against Afghan and coalition forces throughout Helmand province.

Another report said, During an operation in Burkah district, Baghlan province yesterday, the Afghan and coalition security forces arrested a senior Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader.
The leader is believed to be in charge of a cell of insurgents responsible for improvised explosive device operations against Afghan and coalition forces throughout Balkh province.
It said, the Afghan and coalition security force detained a number of insurgents during an operation in search of a Taliban leader in Panjwa'i district, Kandahar province, today.
The leader is alleged to maintain control of a group of insurgent fighters responsible for multiple attacks against Afghan and coalition forces, including the kidnapping of Afghan government officials.
The security force also seized 50 pounds of hashish as a result of the operation.

During an operation in search of a Taliban facilitator in Kandahar district, Kandahar province yesterday, an Afghan and coalition security force detained one suspected insurgent.
The facilitator is responsible for IED logistics around Kandahar district to include procuring homemade explosives, assisting in IED construction, and delivery of completed devices for use in attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.
Report said, the Afghan and coalition security force arrested a Haqqani leader and detained one other insurgent during an operation in Pul-e 'Alam district, Logar province, today.
The leader is believed responsible for weapons facilitation in Pul-e-'Alam district, and for controlling a group of fighters responsible for IED attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.
The security force also seized IED-making material as a result of the raid.

During an operation in search of a Haqqani leader in Musa Khel district,
Khost province yesterday, the Afghan and coalition security force detained a number of insurgents.
The Haqqani leader is believed responsible for procuring and distributing weapons and IEDs to his fellow fighters for attacks against Afghan and coalition forces throughout Khost province.
The security force also seized fragmentary grenades, AK-47s, a pistol, and a significant amount of ammunition as a result of the operation.
T. Rateb

Saturday, 13 April 2013 11:24

Police Martyred, 8 Insurgents Killed

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Lashkarga (BNA) Eight insurgents were killed and 11 others wounded in clash between police forces and national army in Helmand province.
Also, in this clash, a police was martyred and six national army soldiers wounded.
Mohammad Omar Zwak spokesman of Helmand governor said BNA, this clash occurred when a group of Taliban was disturbing people in the Zardregi and Sadoon regions of Sangeen district.
According to Zwak, to support people, the national police clashed with armed insurgents, in which, 8 insurgents were killed and 11 others wounded.
Zwak said, a policeman was martyred and two others along with 4 national army soldiers were wounded.
The source added, the injured of the incident were shifted to civil hospital and the in charge of the hospital called the health condition of three injured critical. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Saturday, 13 April 2013 08:02

13 ANA Soldiers Martyred

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The sources of national defense ministry confirmed that 13 Afghan National Army Soldiers were martyred in attack of armed insurgents and their foreign terrorists in Kunar province.
General Mohammad Zahir Azimi spokesman of national defense ministry said BNA, a group of armed insurgents with a number of foreign terrorists attributed to Al-qaeda network using heavy and light weapons launched attack from several directions on national army post in the relevant areas of Nari district as a result of which 13 national army soldiers were martyred.
With arriving security forces, the insurgents sustained heavy casualties and fled.
It is said a source of national defense ministry called the casualty of the incident three and said that six other soldiers have been wounded in the incident. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

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