26 October 2020

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Saturday April 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met with chairman and members of the Senate.
At the meeting that took place at the Presidential Palace, Fazel Hadi Muslimyar and Senator Najiba Hussaini spoke on others behalf.
They called implementation of law and sound governance as guarantor for improving the affairs pertaining to economic, social and cultural spheres in society, and welcomed the policy of the government with respect to peace and expressed support for further strengthening of this process.
The members of the Senate welcomed transition of Bagram prison to Afghanistan, and considered it as instrumental in further consolidation of national sovereignty and asked the Executive Body of the State to ensure justice in addressing the files of the prisoners and in accord with the enforced laws in the country.
They also called the upcoming presidential and the provincial council elections in 1393 as important for sustainability of the democratic order in the country.
The members of the Senate also considered the election system, employment of specialist cadres, impartial and honest in the election foundations, distribution of electronic identity cards and ensuring of security in transparency of the election as significant.
President Karzai following hearing of the views of the senators expressed pleasure over their activities and said that you are trying your best for ensuring of unity and benefit of the people of the country.
Touching on the important national issues as well as the security treaty between Afghanistan and the US the president said that Afghanistan is engaged in talks about the security agreement with utmost precisions, saying that we agree with the agreement but it is necessary that the benefits of our country is envisaged in it.
He added that Afghanistan agrees with the continued presence of the US in which Afghanistan’s preconditions are guaranteed and the US aid should be without any conditions and in the benefit of the country.
As regards the peace process President Karzai noted that our efforts for attaining peace is continued and we shall not silence the voice that we have raised for peace and Afghanistan will hopefully attain peace.
Calling the upcoming presidential elections as very important, President Karzai stressed that the election should be held when the Afghan nation agree with it.
He added that holding of the calm and sound election is our duty and it is another step towards stability in the country, for continuation of order, is continuation of stability and non-continuation will bring in miseries for the country.

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai had a telephone conversation with Barak Obama President of the United State of America.
In the telephone conversation, the two Presidents discussed a range of issues, including civilian’s casualties, security transition, preparations for Afghanistan’s 2014 elections, and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation efforts.
Expressing grave concern over continued civilian casualties, particularly referring to the deaths of children in the recent ISAF military operation in Kunar province, President Karzai said that the continuation of civilian casualties would impact the Afghan-US relations and efforts to conclude the bilateral security agreement.
The two leaders welcomed Afghan security forces’ increasingly assuming lead responsibility for security across the country.
On the preparation for 2014 elections, President Karzai reaffirmed his support and commitment to a free, fair and inclusive election in Afghanistan, stressing that no internal or external interferences would be allowed in the elections.
President Obama welcomed President Karzai’s recent discussion in Doha with H.E Qatari Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani on the Afghan-led peace process.
President Karzai welcomed the March 25 handover of the Bagram detention facility to Afghan sovereignty.
In the telephone conversation, President Obama reassured President Karzai of US continued cooperation on the issues discussed.

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) With special slogan, the World Health Day is celebrated every year world-wide in April 7th.
This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) considered for this day the slogan of “High Blood Pressure Preventive”. In a ceremony held on the same occasion.
Public Health Minister Mrs. Suraya Dalil said that despite with diagnosing and treatment of the disease of high blood pressure is very simple and needs less money, annually 35 percent mortality stem from paying less heed, contagious diseases especially from high blood pressure.
According to the figure released by WHO, the disease of blood high pressure takes annually the lives of nine million people worldwide. Dalil says that if the disease doesn’t be prevented, the patients are threatened by heart and mental failure and Kidney deficiency. She asserted that half part of mental failure stems from blood high pressure.
The WHO data shows that the high blood pressure impresses 40 percent individual over 25. Likewise Dr-Alwan general manager of WHO for East, in his messages addressed to the eastern nations` health institutions said that for not affecting to this disease, they should work physically, they should refrain from smoking tobacco and also refrain from eating salty and oily meals.
In this message Mr. Alwan said that over 50 percent old individuals in eastern nations are suffering from fatness that 70 percent of the mare women. He added that one of factors behind the disease of blood high pressure is fatness.
Dr. Ahmad Shah Doll the WHO representative for Afghanistan nominated the blood high pressure, the “silent murderer” and said that this disease sans any sign grows and brings people towards the death brink. Mr. Doll added that the WHO considers four plans for prevention of blood high pressure that through these, prevent from its increase. Like wise, Ms. Dalil says that because of diagnosing and timely curative measures, in most countries, the disease of high blood pressure is reducing. She said that the WHO data shows that this disease reduced considerably in the USA because of diagnosing and timely treatment. She mentioned that she implement the plans proposed by WHO in connection with prevention from increment of blood high pressure. To diagnose the blood high pressure as well as for its treatment the ministry of public health functions health units in all provinces of the country and has public awareness programs in this regard. To control and diagnose the blood high pressure, WHO has launched a program so to encourage all world policy- makers and managers of programs to replace the first priorities diagnosing and control of blood high pressure in their national programs. In this ceremony, head of health and physical training commission of peoples` deputes Dr. Naqibullah Fayeq criticizing from low health possibilities, weak management in hospitals of Afghanistan and non-control of food items and medicines by public health ministry added that the supervising institutions are changed into marketing institutions. At the same time a number of people believe that non-control of food items and medicines in domestic markets is increased and the related in-charges of public health ministry don’t control. This causes the people concern. They ask the ministry of public health so to supervise the medicine dealers how medicine they offer to the people. The World Health Day is celebrated in the country in a time that there are no health centers in some villages of Afghanistan and the people live under worse medical situation.

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan has expressed hope that soon the 4th round of talks between Washington and Kabul starts soon in the near future.
Talking on the topic, Jana Mosazai a spokesman to the minister of foreign affairs of Afghanistan told media that bilateral relations between the US and Afghanistan is developing in satisfactory manner on the bases of bilateral strategic cooperation partnership and expressed hope that the ties between the two allies are nourishing day by day.
However, spokesman of ministry of foreign affairs didn’t present a fix timetable for initiation of the 4th round talks between Afghan and US officials on the security pact, but expressed optimism that soon the next round of the bilateral discussions between the two countries started.
Three rounds of talks on security pact have been completed in Kabul and in the talks Afghan ambassador to the US Aklil Hakimi represented Afghanistan while deputy US special envoy to Afghanistan James Warlike represented the US govt. meanwhile, political commentators and military experts believe that if the security agreement between Washington and Kabul protect territorial integrity, national sovereignty and hampers meddling of neighboring countries into our internal affairs is in favor Afghanistan and we should forge such an agreement with the United States to shield our interests.
Commenting on the security pact, political analysts Wahid Mujda said that the US had promised to defend Afghanistan against any external threats and interference while signing the strategic cooperation agreement. But ground realities show that the US not reacted seriously to the rocket shelling of border regions of Afghanistan by Pakistan military couple of months before. Signing security agreement with the US has agreement with the US has great significance to Afghanistan to prevent interference of neighboring countries.
But the US stakeholders remained silent while Pakistan was conducting rocket shelling in border areas and the important question before the general public is that will Americans defend Afghanistan in case of any external threat or interference or not?, said political analyst Wahid Mujhda, adding that the US is obliged to defend Afghanistan against any threat in case of signing security agreement with the country. If the security agreement is aimed to maintain security and continue supporting and providing military trainings and equipment’s to the ANSF than it highly supports interests of Afghanistan and should be signed as soon as possible, Wahid Mujhda said. Of course, the security agreement between Kabul and Washington strongly support interests of Afghanistan and the Afghan people have national consensus on that because Afghan nation can’t tolerate further interference and games on their soil by the neighboring countries and highly value signing of security pact between the two countries. Talking on the topic, military expert Hadi Khalid said that the security pact supports interests of Afghanistan and emphasized that people of Afghanistan should be aware from the conditions and pre-conditions of the US side from the security agreement adding that Afghanistan extremely requires to forge such ties with the US side to protect itself from meddling of neighboring countries and save its territorial integrity and national sovereignty. Military expert Hadi Khalid announced 2014 as destiny making year to Afghanistan and said that in Afghanistan will witness couple of important events including completion of security transition process from international troops to the Afghan security institutions and holding of the next presidential elections while on the other hand, the neighboring countries haven’t shown willing to endorse restoration of durable peace and security or to stop their interferences into our internal affairs. Meanwhile, nationals of the country have expressed satisfaction over signing of security pact with the US and believe that it assure international supports to Afghanistan after 2014. Talking on the matter, ex-military officer Amir Muhammad told that international troops will evacuate from Afghanistan by the end of 2014 and complete security responsibilities of the country will be shouldered by the Afghan security institutions, so with consideration of Afghanistan requirements, international community an allies of Afghanistan should honor all commitments made Afghanistan and equip ANSF with modern arms and ammunitions to accomplish duties effectively by their own following foreign troops` pullback. This came after Afghanistan signed strategic cooperation partnerships with several world powerful countries and talks for signing of a security pact with the US is expected to be taken place for the 4th round in the near future.

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Aimal Faziai spokesperson of the presidential office in an interview rejected the concerns  shown by defense committee of British parliament as Afghanistan will fall in domestic war after 2014 as baseless. 
The British parliament defense committee report stated that: “we are concerned over probable domestic war in Afghanistan in few coming years”.
Aimal Faziai added in the meetings that are taking place with the authorities of western countries, they always emphasize that Afghanistan will not be forgotten as  the 90 decade, the previous mistakes will not be repeated and the international community will not leave Afghanistan alone.
He stressed that Afghanistan has concluded long-term strategic cooperation agreements with some of the great world countries, while some other countries are engaged in talks in this respect and on the basis of these bilateral agreement, extraordinary presence of the world community will continue in Afghanistan.
Faizi noted that during the past 10 years Afghanistan’s foundations like the national army and national police have been strengthened and these foundations are guarantor for future reliable stability of Afghanistan.
With respect to domestic war in Afghanistan, he pointed that considering the past bitter experience, now the people of Afghanistan have reached political maturity and they will never allow that the aliens once against instigate a war in the name of domestic war in the country.
He said that the aim of western media’s negative reports over the future of Afghanistan is a means for pressurizing the country to show flexibility over her position and stance about the talks pertaining to the security agreement with the US.
He however called a part of the British parliament defense committee report about continuation of peace process and continued efforts for talks with the Taliban as justified.
He assured that Afghanistan’s peace efforts despite facing immense ups and downs and lack of honest cooperation of some involved government including Pakistan, will continue till attaining nationwide peace.

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met with Adilbek Dzhaksybekov, Defense Minister of Kazakhstan.
At the meeting held in the presidential palace, Kazakh Defense Minister conveyed to president Karzai, the compliments and good wishes of Nursultan Nazarbayev president of Kazakhstan.
He said that Kazakh president and his government were willing to enhance bilateral relations and cooperation and to see peace and stability in Afghanistan, as the situation in this country has a direct bearing over other countries in the region. 
Defense Minister Dzhaksybekov said that his country was helping Afghanistan in agriculture sector, but interest in providing military cooperation as well.
Adilbek added that Kazakhstan had good military experience which could also benefit Afghanistan through training of its security forces, and joint military exercises.
President Karzai thanked Kazakhstan for its assistance and support, saying that Afghanistan is seeking deep and friendly relations with Kazakhstan a good neighbor.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 12:10

Police Forces Dispatched To Farah

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Farah (BNA) The second unit of battalion No 6 of public protection was dispatched to Farah as part of the spring operations of the interior ministry.
Sayed Baqir police commander of public order said that the second unit of battalion No 6 is one of the police units of public order of this command which has equipped with modern up to date trainings. 
He added that it has over 400 officers and soldiers and will be deployed in Bala Bulok and Shewan districts of Farah province.
The fresh deployment will help ensure security in the province and will participate at the poppy eradication campaign in coordination with other security forces and will deal with any security threats.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 12:06

Terrorism Should Be Driven Out of Country

Wednesday April 10, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Terrorism not only overwhelms the nations, destroys countries, eliminates security and pushes back advancement and progress, but also defames the holy Islam among other religions all over the world.
The wicked phenomenon had not only stood against a modern society in many world countries, particularly in Afghanistan, but also helped corruption and drug processing and smuggling in the country, where militancy has mostly used narcotics as their main financial sources.
Thousands of farmers across the restive provinces used to cultivate poppy, a move stemmed of insecurity created from the increasingly insurgency in the country, the main reason of which had been witnessed to be emerged from anti-Afghanistan development circles outside the border.
Hundreds of school children across the country had been poisoned, tens of school buildings had been set ablaze, houses destroyed civilians were killed and millions of other left the country.
The Afghan people should realize the fact that they are not being killed by their countrymen, but they have foes outside the borders deeply brainwashing, training and sending Afghans under the name of Islamic teaching to the country to blow public properties government facilities, kill civilians and nascent security forces.
They should give hand with each other as well provide cooperation with the security forces in introducing the terror elements to be identified and tried to justice.
President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai has repeatedly announced that the villages and townships of Afghanistan were not the hub of terrorists but, their main hideouts and training and equipment centers should be sought beyond the border.
The decision to fully uproot terrorism links to a firm determination of the people on how to introduce the insurgents in their localities and cooperate and help the people, women, elderly, children and public properties get rid of the scourge.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 10:45

Taliban Commander Arrested

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Kabul (BNA) A commander of Taliban was arrested in the outskirts of Helmand province.
Interior ministry press office said BNA, the national police conducted cleaning operation in the outskirts of Nahersaraj district of Helmand for arresting of Taliban commanders, in which Geranagha a Taliban commander along with an insurgents suspect was arrested. 
Commander Geranagha had active role in planting of roadside mines, terrorist attacks and supplying of weapons and explosives in that province. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 10:43

2 Armed Insurgents Killed, 6 Arrested

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Kabul (BNA) 2 insurgents were killed and six others arrested in cleaning operation by Afghan Security Forces.
The Afghan Security Forces in the last 24 hours conducted 4 operations in the outskirts of Takhar, Kunduz, Kandahar and Maidan-Wardak provinces as a result of which two armed insurgents were killed, 3 wounded and six others were arrested.
According to interior ministry, during these operations, 3 rocket launchers, a number of Kalashnikovs, and other heavy and light weapons were seized.
According to another report, five anti-vehicle mines were placed by terrorists in the relevant areas of Paktika and Nangarhar provinces were discovered and defused by national police.
Also, police of Kabul province arrested four persons on charges of rubbery and killing from 4th, 5th and 7th precincts. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

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