20 January 2017

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lashkarga (BNA) Five Pakistani insurgents were killed in latest conflict in Helmand province.
The Taliban were targeted in suburb of Lashkarga city bazaar capital of Helmand province while terrorist activities’.
An ANA commander in the south of the country told BNA, in the clash five Pakistani insurgents lost their lives.
He said there were no any harm and casualties suffered to residents and security troops in the conflict.

Thursday, 19 January 2017 11:40

2 Blasts prevented In Farah

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Farah BNA) Two blasts were prevented in Farah province.
Security officials with cooperation of local residents prevented two mines which were planted by armed insurgents in Balabalok district of the province.
A security official of the province told BNA, Taliban wanted with the mines to organize fatal events to civilians, but not succeeded to their evil goals.
He said, the mines were discovered and defused with cooperation of local people in the mentioned district.
No one has been arrested in the connection of the event. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Maidan-Shaher (BNA) 265 National Solidarity Projects (NSP) were put into exploitation by rural rehabilitation and development department of Maidan-Wardk province in the current year.
Spokesman for Maidan-Wardak governor told BNA reporter, the projects were implemented in various districts of the province and 18,000 families were benefited from facilities of the projects.
He said, the projects includes canals, deep wells and other services have been executed at the cost of 179/5 million Afghanis.
The projects were implemented by rural rehabilitation and development of Maidan-Wardak department. 

Thursday, 19 January 2017 11:38

Highways Situation Improves By 20 Percent

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Recently, the highways situation has considerably improved, but in some areas, due to insecurities, the passengers witness many traffic incidents.
Adul Latif Khair Khowa, director of the Kabul traffic incidents department said that the highways situation has improved in compare with last months. He added that there are many reasons behind traffic incidents, such as, technical problems of roads, density of vehicles, etc.
Over the last 9 months, there have happened almost 1850 traffic incidents throughout the country, due to which 923 people had been reportedly killed and 2219 others injured, a figure which shows 20 percent decrease in traffic incidents in compare with last year, he went on to say. 
It has been observed that traffic accidents are the second largest issue that taking lives in Afghanistan after terrorism.
Traffic incidents have been often occurring on highways, however, there are many accidents on minor roads in cities and different villages as well.  
Traffic accidents are not unusual in Afghanistan, as annually, hundreds of people lose their live such harsh incidents on highways throughout the country.
Afghanistan is one of the countries that is suffering lack of proper network of roads. There are many areas in the country that are not accessible through proper roads and people remain away from attention and public services. 
Furthermore, the people who drive vehicles are mostly without driving license and the process for getting license does not involved knowing sufficient driving skills.
All these factors increase the chances of accidents and the relevant authorities must take steps to solve these issues urgency.
The accidents are also taken place when the drivers are inexperienced, who are just introduced to the cars without understanding the very proper role of driving, traffic laws and other driving system.
Therefore, it is hoped that Traffic Department pays serious heed in the respect.
Karima Malikzada

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Reports freshly leaked a 19 year-old-girl extreme step to hang herself to death, with the main reason behind forced-marriage by her father in northern province of Sar-e-Pul.
The girl, Gul Rukh has committed suicide by hanging herself to death to avoid forced marriage and family violence in Archato village of Sancharak district of the province, according to provincial governor spokesman, Zabihullah Amani. Father of the girl, Niaz Murad had been arrested by police, said Amani quoting the girl’s mother as saying her father wanted to forcibly marry her to a man.
Confirming the shocking incident, women’s affairs director Nasima Arezo said cultural restrictions did not allow the youth to make decisions about their lives.
“Youths are not allowed to make decision for their marriage or their future,” said Arezo who added this is why the girl took such extreme step.”
A women activist Shafiqa Habibi said that this was a heinous act to forcedly marry a girl to a man—even the young one against her favor, under what she blamed a vicious culture and awful tradition.
She asked for bringing those involved in the incident to justice and punished to be a lesson to others.
“In many parts of Afghanistan, she said girls are vended against a small amount of money, rather to proceed to the Islamic teachings, which allows the youth – both boys and girls to get married on their own decisions.”
She further said that women and girls are used as tools to help men reach their targets. “They are not aware of the Islamic teachings and civil rules.”
She condemned forced-marriage against all religious teachings and Afghan culture and asked the organs concerned to step up in this field to help reduce violence against women and girls and demanded the religious scholars to publicize violence against women and girls in their daily speeches of Friday prayers and other meetings held with their membership.
Elsewhere in Faryab province, northwestern Afghanistan, a girl of 16-year-old has been killed, after being brutally assaulted sexually. The incident took place in Bal Charagh district of the province, where police spokesman, Abdul Karim Yurosh said that Hafiza 16 was first raped by unknown assailants before being strangled to death with her shawl.
The victim’s mother, screaming and yelling, accused her neighbors Ali Mohammad and Ibrahim of raping and killing her daughter.
She said her daughter had gone to the cowshed to feed sheep and cows. The girl was subjected to sexual assault by the two men, the woman added.
“It got late but she did not come back. We searched the house of our neighbors. Ali’s mother told me to search her in the cowshed, where we found her body.”
She said Ibrahim had been arrested while Ali managed to flee. She asked the government to hand the accused over to her family, which would burn them alive.
Kabul citizens harshly reacted against the incident aired by media, with Mrs. Parwin calling violence against women to have been with direct link to unawareness of men from the women rights and that in order to prevent it, there was a need for promotion of the women rights all over the country’s provinces.
Another woman, Sumayya Noori blamed the government for failure to bring those involved in violence against women to justice.
Culture of immunity to gather with insecurity could be called the main reasons of increase in the cases of violence against women.
Shukria Kohistani

Wednesday January 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Afghan cycling athletes went to Jalalabad City the provincial capital of eastern Nangarhar province aiming to participate in a training camp.
Mohammad Sadiq Sadiqi head of biking federation in Afghanistan National Olympic Committee told BNA, the training camp launch for one month by National Olympic Committee and four girl cyclists and six boy cyclists to participate in the training camp.
The cyclists’ athletes getting preparedness to attend biking competitions to be launched in India and Pakistan in near future.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 12:09

Over 140 kg Narcotic Drug Discovered In Logar

Wednesday, January18, 2017

Pul-e-Alam City (BNA) About 144 kg narcotic drug type of hashish have been discovered and seized by security personnel in eastern Logar province yesterday.
Shahpoor Ahmadzai spokesman of Logar security command told BNA, the drug discovered by counter-narcotic police personnel in Altamor village, Pul-e-Alam city the provincial capital of the province. 
Ahmadzai added, the narcotic drug had placed in a car type of Corolla and it was suspected to transfer to Ghazni province.
No one was arrested accused of the case so far.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Two suspicious were arrested, a Kalashnikov along 250 bullets and 10 kg narcotic drug have been seized due to military operations led by Afghan security forces within the last 24 hours in two provinces.
Press office of 205 Atil army crops reported BNA, the operations were conducted in relevant areas of Maiwand district of Kandahar and Arghandab district of Zabul province.
Also three round of anti-vehicle mines have discovered and defused following the operations, the source added.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 07:45

196 Development Projects Executed In Parwan

Wednesday January 18, 2017

Charikar City (BNA) At a cost of AFN 92,523,000 funded by the National Solidarity Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/NSP) 100 infrastructure projects were completed in central Parwan province.
According to information of relation and publication department of MRRD to BNA, these development projects include the construction of roads, culverts, water canals, agricultural water supplies, protection walls and extension of water supplies networks that completed in Siagard district of the province.
During the works of these projects job opportunities have been provided to numerous skilled and unskilled workers for short time.
For large number of families in various communities have gained access to basic human needs upon completion of these projects.
Since its inception in Parwan province, the NSP has able to cover 362 villages and implemented the construction work of 296 development projects in different sectors throughout the province.

Wednesday January 18, 2017

Jalalabad City (BNA) Cash have donated to 100 returned families from Pakistan in eastern Nangarhar province.
In-charge of refugees and repatriation department of Nangarhar told BNA reporter, the families have received the cash while returned from Pakistan in Torkham border.
In this round Afg 16,000 have been distributed to each returned families, the source added.
According to another report, foodstuffs have distributed by World Food Program (WFP) to 120 war-torn families in Nangarhar province.

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