16 September 2019

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Saturday, 14 September 2019 06:39

20 Taliban Militants Killed in Paktika Operation

Saturday, September 14, 2019
Sharan (BNA) Twenty Armed Taliban militants were killed in Paktika province yesterday.
Abdul Ghafar Nooristani press in charge of Khas operation army corps told BNA, the Taliban were killed in clearing operation of commando forces with support of air forces in outskirt of Warmami district, Paktika province.
12 motorbikes and a weapon of the insurgents were also destroyed in the operation, he added.
Another report says, five Taliban militants were killed in Urozgan province last night.
Abdul Ghafar Nooristani press in charge of Khas operation army corps told BNA, the Taliban were targeted by commando forces in Naherabad and Shahmansor villages, Trenkot city.
Two other Taliban were also injured, and several mines were discovered and exploded in the area.
T. Yarzada

Saturday September 14, 2019
Kabul (BNA) National Directorate Security (NDS) personnel reported from arresting of three dangerous members of ISIS terrorist group in Kabul city.
NDS press office by releasing a statement issued BNA, the members of ISIS terrorist group were involved in 29 terrorist attacks carried out by ISIS fighters in different parts of Kabul city.
Mohammad Sharif known as (Ajmal, Naser and Jafar) an arrested members by cooperation of Abdul Wahed had active role in 29 terrorists and destructive activities have launched by ISIS group in various parts of Kabul city.

Saturday September 14, 2019

Kabul (BNA) National Security Advisor Dr. Hamdullah Mohib in a visit to Ghazni’s Khawaja Omari district met separately with ANA, ANP and NDS soldiers and heard their problems. During his visit to the district, Dr. Mohib assured the ANDSF soldiers and officers of strongly defending the country and stopping the enemies reaching their vicious goals. The ANDSF soldiers and officers shared their demands and suggestions with NDA. Praising the Afghan Defense and Security Forces for their efforts towards retaking Khawaja Omari district, Dr. Mohib appreciate the forces’ heroism, brave and high moral for defending the country. “I’m thanking each of you for your bravery and sacrifice towards defending the country and tranquility of the people,” Mohib added. He stressed that the government of Afghanistan was committed to timely addressing the ANDSF, assuring of continued support to the forces.

Saturday September 14, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Second Vice-President Sarwar Danesh, laws committee meeting was held on Wednesday. In the meeting, draft law on use of land in TAPI project, draft modification of name of the ministry of urban development and housing, draft affixture No. 4 of law on municipalities in connection with leasing municipalities’ properties, modification and cancellation of a number of articles of law on urban development and land and modification of a number of articles of law on land acquisition were discussed and reviewed. Draft affixture No. 4 of law on municipalities in connection with leasing municipalities’ properties, which was delivered to the meeting by Independent Directorate of Local Governance, was reviewed.
After members of the laws committee, the draft was approved and it was decided that a joint meeting should be held between relevant ministries and institutions with close coordination of the IDLG and presence of representatives of tradesmen and representative of Kabul municipality to manage and include all suggestions delivered by members of the committee to the draft’s content. Second Vice-President considered the draft as significant for protection and increasing of national incomes and insisted on acceleration of finalization and implementation processes of the draft. In the meeting, draft medication of name of the ministry of urban development and land, which was delivered by officials of the ministry to the meeting, was reviewed and it was decided that all affairs’ processes of the respective ministry should be followed in accordance to presidential decree issued last year. Meanwhile, draft law on the use of land in TAPI project was also reviewed and it was decided that the draft law should be once again reviewed technically in a meeting led by the ministry of urban development and land with participation of ministries of mines, commerce and industry, justice and representatives of TPCL.

Saturday, 14 September 2019 06:32

New School Building Inaugurated in Nimroz

Saturday September 14, 2019
ZARANG CITY (BNA) The construction work of a school building has been completed and put into exploitation in southern Nimroz province.
According to BNA report, the school building has been constructed with a cost of 13.85 million Afghani funded by India within the last one year.
The building of the school has 8 classrooms, administrative rooms and other education necessities.
Governor of Nimroz during inauguration ceremony of the school building asked from parents to encourage their children for education.
Also, Massoud Noori head of education department in Nimroz assured to the people of the province to provide better educational environment for their children.
Noori pleased that day-by-day education system improving in Nimroz province and also local people cooperating with them.

Saturday, 14 September 2019 06:32

Hundreds Destitute Families Receive Assistances

Saturday September 14, 2019
MAIDANSHAHR CITY (BNA) Cash and foodstuffs have been districted to hundreds needy and destitute families in Maidan/Wardak province.
In this round; each family have received rice, flour and 3000 Afghanis.
Gen. Muzafruddin Yameen governor of Maidan/Wardak during distribution of the aids told, I am trying to distribute foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs to all needy and poor families with assist of internal and external charity foundations.
In this round; 350 needy and destitute families have received assistances, Yameen added.

Saturday September 14, 2019
MAIDANSHAHR CITY (BNA) As many as 16 armed oppositions including their three senior commanders were killed following air attacks in Maidan/Wardak province.
Mullah Habibullah, Mullah Nabi and Mullah Haqmal the senior commanders of Taliban group who were busy on organizing a series of terrorist and destructive activities were among the dead.
Muhibullah Sharifzai spokesman of Maidan/Wardak governor told BNA correspondent, 16 anti-government militias including their three top commanders were killed following the air attacks.
It has been said there were casualties on part of civilians at the end of the air assault.

Saturday, September 14, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Deputy Minister of foreign affairs Idris Zaman met Wednesday with German ambassador to Kabul.
In the meeting, both sides discussed upcoming presidential elections, expansion of bilateral relations between the two countries and ongoing political situation in the country.

Saturday, September 14, 2019
Kabul (BNA) India on Thursday said that any peace process should have “full consent” of the Afghan government and the Afghan people, days after US President Donald Trump called off negotiations with the Taliban in which the two sides “agreed in principle” on a deal which would allow a gradual withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.
Addressing a weekly briefing, Raveesh Kumar, a spokesman for India’s Ministry of External Affairs, said India is closely following the developments including the talks between Taliban and the US.
“We believe that all sections of the Afghan society including the legitimately elected government should be part of this process,” he said.
The US chief negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad and key members of the Taliban held nine rounds of talks in Qatar and the UAE in almost a year.  The two sides were about to sign a peace deal when the US president called off the negotiations, citing Taliban’s deadly attack in Kabul which left 13 people, including a US solider, dead and many others wounded.
This decision by Mr. Trump, according to analysts, opened the way for the Afghan presidential election scheduled for September 28.
M. Kumar said India has supported the Afghan election.
“Our point of view is that any process should respect the constitutional legacy and political mandate, should not lead to any ungoverned spaces wee terrorist and their proxies can relocate and should have the full consent of Afghan people and the government,” he said.
“We are reasonably confident that any decision on the peace process which is being taken by the international community, including by the US, will accommodate our concerns in this regard,” he said.
Mr. Kumar said that India has shared the concerns at different intervals including during the visit of special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad to India several times in the past.
“No change in India’s policy on Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan driven process.  We feel the process should include all sections of the society including the Afghan government,” he said.

Saturday, September 14, 2019
Herat (BNA) The construction work of an irrigational canal started in Herat province.
The canal was inaugurated by Ghulam Hazrat Moshfaq Herat mayor and officials of the province.
The project is to be implemented over 415 meters length at a cost of more than 4, 4 million Afghanis from Herat municipality budget within 4 months.
The municipality has 92 development projects this fiscal year, some of which were inaugurated, others are in the process of procurement and inaugurated in the near future, said Moshfaq.
T. Yarzada

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