25 May 2020

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Sunday, April 12, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Education officials saying online and virtual educational programs to begin next week and is planned for the lockdown period.
Meanwhile President Ghani had earlier said that the schools’ bell will be rung online next week and classes will officially be thought through the media.
Due to the lockdown and restrictions to help prevent the Coronavirus outbreak, the entire educational institutions of Afghanistan have been shut. In the meantime, the Ministry of Education has been working on the remote or online education system to be delivered via media.
As a result, the science subjects will be taught via television networks and social subjects will be taught via radio stations in a properly scheduled manner.
The ministry of education says that through the system in hand, students across the country will be able to solve 60% to 70% of their problems by watching TV and listening to the radio on schedule.
Nooria Nazhat, the spokeswoman of the ministry of education, says “Official broadcasts haven’t been started nor we have had any trial broadcasts in the media. Some of the private media networks have pledged to support. Both, our official and trial broadcasts, will start next week right after the president’s call for schools.”
However, some of the private universities have already started teaching online, the ministry of higher education’s plans seems to be more comprehensive.
The ministry of higher education says that they are working on a single system that includes all the lists of the private and the service universities as well as teachers and students across the country, and specific materials will be attached for teaching and learning.
Aziz Ahmad Oriakhill, head of the information, publication and public relations of the ministry of higher education, says that the MHE has been working on a single online system (an application) and it will be configured in a week’s time, noting that the application will contain certain options and registries including the list of the tutors and learners.
Students have found the private university’s online lessons very expensive because of the kind of applications that the universities are using, but the ministry of higher education aims to provide students and teachers with free/low-cost services.
Also, it is very likely that the ongoing situation will escalate and the lockdown will be taken more seriously, therefore, the ministry of higher education aims to keep students busy with their lessons at home and, the students should also take this as an opportunity.

Friday April 10, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Kazakhstan, the UN, and the EU are working together on a program to educate Afghan women.
Through this program, a select number of students will study in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The UN and Kazakh government would like to expand the program in the future, to give more women the chance to attend the two universities.
The initiative is expected to help create new opportunities for the women and their communities back in Afghanistan.

Thursday, April 2, 2020
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a virtual meeting with officials of the Ministry of Higher Education yesterday morning exchanged views over the e-learning platforms and education systems, a statement from the presidential press office said.
Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Acting Minister of Higher Education said around 250,000 university students can primarily take advantage of this digital platform, which covers all standards and criteria entailed in the contemporary education, according to the statement.
He added for the plan to be implemented, it requires budget allocation as well as reduction in the price of internet.
Ahmad Masoud Latif, Head of the Student Affairs of the Higher Education Ministry talked over the technical aspects of the plan and called for cooperation of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and Central Statistics Organization to transform it from concept to reality.
President Ashraf Ghani said he would commend the experts having worked on the plan by awarding them with state medals, the statement added.
The president described the concept as an educational revolution once implemented and asked the acting minister of Higher Education to estimate the budget required for its implementation.

Thursday March 26, 2020
LASHKARGAH CITY (BNA) The construction work of a girls’ school have been completed and put into exploitation in southern Helmand province the other day.
According to BNA report, the school building has been constructed with a sum of 15 million Afghanis from government budget in Betwon region, Lashkargah city the provincial capital of the province. 
By construction of the school building, problems of girls’ student have been regarding shortage of classrooms in the region.

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