19 June 2019

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Asadabad (BNA) A series of blasts were prevented in east of the country.
Security officials discovered and defused 14 mines from busy roads of Nangarhar, Laghman, and Nooristan provinces.
Selab army corps in south of the country with releasing a statement told BNA, the mines were discovered and defused with cooperation of residents of the area.
So far, no individual or group has committed the responsibility of the planting mines, but security officials in the east of the country blamed Taliban for the failed planting mines.
Taliban in Afghanistan mostly planted bombs and mines from busy roads of the province which victimized innocent civilians.
T. Yarzada

Wednesday June 19, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Zalmay Khalilzad U.S. special representative for Afghanistan reconciliation said that U.S. seek a comprehensive peace agreement, not a withdrawal agreement in Afghanistan.
According to BNA report, Khalilzad in a series of tweet said; “As we (U.S.) prepare for the next round of talks with the Taliban, important to remember we seek a comprehensive peace agreement, not a withdrawal agreement in Afghanistan.”
A comprehensive peace agreement is made-up of four inter-connected parts such as counter-terrorism, troop withdrawal, intra-Afghan negotiations that lead to a political settlement and a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire, Mr. Khalilzad added.
This is a framework which the Taliban accept, as I’ve said numerous occasions, nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, Khalilzad underlined.
It is supposed that the seventh round of peace talks between Taliban and U.S. negotiators will take place next week in Doha and the two sides are likely to agree on one or two of the four key issues.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Ghazni (BNA) The press-in charge of Taliban terrorist group was detained in Ghazni province last night.
Mohammad Aref Noori spokesman for Ghazni governor told BNA, the NDS personnel detained Mullah Abdul Jalal which is responsible for the Taliban terrorist group in Ghazni province, and in addition to it was Mullah Amam to a mosque in Asfandi village, Ghazni city, arrested by NDS personnel from his house.
Two Computers, communication means, and numerous of weapons were also seized from the arrested man.
T. Yarzada

Wednesday June 19, 2019

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with the British Secretary of Defense, Ms. Peny Mordaunt and discussed issues about financing and equipment of Afghanistan security and defense forces. BNA report, thanking the British defense secretary for her country’s cooperation to the country’s security and defense forces, particularly to the Afghan special force, the country’s President said that how reforms brought in the afghan forces were effective. The President asked the British defense secretary for providing more cooperation with the country’s police as they were growingly becoming professional. Welcoming the country’s President and his led delegation, the British defense secretary praised the reforms made in the country’s security and defense forces and assured that her country would continue cooperation in war on the international terrorism, equipping and financing the Afghan forces.

Wednesday June 19, 2019

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with British Prime Minister Theresa May at the Prime Minister’s Office and discussed elections, Afghan peace process and continued support for ANDSF, BNA reported. President Ghani thanked the UK government for its support to Afghanistan in the past 18 years in various sectors, especially in training the special forces of ANDSF. He also said that the UK has an important role in helping to harness regional consensus on Afghan peace. PM May reiterated that the UK supports a transparent, timely elections and will work with the Afghan government on creating the necessary consensus in the region for enabling peace talks. She also renewed UK government’s pledge to support ANDSF.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 07:21

62 Terrorists Kill in 13 Provinces

Wednesday June 19, 2019

Kabul (BNA) At least 52 armed oppositions were killed during joint military operations conducted by Afghan security forces within the last 24 hours across the country.
Ministry of national defense press office stated BNA, the military operations have launched to annihilate anti-government militias, ensure peace and stability and protect the lives and properties of people in insecure areas of Takhar, Ghor, Urozgan, Helmand, Badghis, Kapisa, Ghazni, Balkh, Badakhshan, Sar-e-Pul, Paktika, Kandahar and Kunar provinces.
Some heavy and light weapons belonged to the insurgents have been seized during the military operations, the source added.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with Afghanistan’s national cricket team players in Manchester City of Britain on Tuesday, the Presidential Palace said in a statement.
Addressing the cricketers, the president said that you were the champions who have created honor to Afghanistan and enjoyed special position among the people, according to the statement.
Wishing success to the national cricket team, President Ghani added that your unity and coordination are key to get succeed inside and outside the ground.
The president also hoped the national cricket team to get pride to the national again.
Representing the national cricket team, Gulbuddin Nayeb thanked the president for his encourage and said that your attention to cricket has helped us get much successes.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA)  Prof. Mohammad Rassoul Bawary, the Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Cultural Affairs in a meeting with the UNESCO delegation urged for the quickly start of preserving operation work to consolidate the Jam minaret, BNA reported the other day.
In the meeting, both sides discussed the soon arrival of the UNESCO archeologists to Afghanistan to investigate the Jam minaret and to start the operation program for the consolidation of the minaret, said the agency.
Prof. Bawary said UNESCO was valid worldwide organization, particularly in Afghanistan and it is expected to make effort in the attraction of aids for the restoration a preserving of the country’s cultural and historical heritages, particularly the Jam minaret, according to the agency.
He reiterated for the soon UNESCO cooperation program initiation for the consolidation of the Jam minaret, with the organization’s delegation assuring that the organization would spare no effort in this field.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Addressing an international meeting of high security representatives in Russia’s Ufa city, Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib said counterterrorism efforts need to remain top priority an Afghanistan was at the frontlines in the fight against terrorism.
At least 50 people pay the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against terrorism on a daily basis in Afghanistan, he said on Tuesday.
“There is high concentration of hybrid threats in our region, and it requires collective action to fight,” Mohib said.”  In this context, there’re several issues to be addressed in order to ensure national security of our countries & improve regional socio-economic development.”
According to Mohib, countering financial crimes is key to ensuring regional security.
“Fighting against money laundering, illegal money transactions through unregistered hawala systems, fundraising for terrorism through unmonitored charities in the region are a must,” he said.
Referring to drugs problem, Mohib said that terrorists and drug traffickers re two sides of the same coin. “Narcotics is known as the main source of revenue for terrorism that generate billions of dollars every year.”
He said that the chain of production, trafficking, processing and consumption of narcotics includes not just Afghans but many other countries in the region and beyond.
“Joint and coordinated actions are, therefore, required to fight this evil phenomenon.”
“Cybercrimes are another means of hybrid warfare that threaten our countries. Afghanistan stands ready to enter into bilateral and regional partnerships to limit and eliminate the use of the cyber space by destructive elements that create terror in our societies,” Mohib said.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 07:08

35kgs of Chemicals Recorded in Zarang

Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Zaranj (BNA) Police of Zarang city discovered 35kg of chemical materials which is used in the manufacture of drugs yesterday.
Ibrahim Amini press in charge of Nimroz security directorate told BNA, the drug was discovered from outskirt of Zaranj city and a man has been arrested in smuggling of the drug.
T. Yarzada

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