1400 Acres of Land Irrigates

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The construction and expansion work of Sang Meher of Badakhshan water dam inaugurated by water and energy ministry.
The construction of the canal which runs alongside Kokcha river passing Faizabad city will be completed within two years 
Engineer Mohammad Rafi Bahman the head of Kokcha zone said BNA, the canal which has 20 km lengths will be extended 11 km more toward Layaba desert.
He said the canal presently has the capacity of two cubic meters of water, but with the completion of the project its capacity will be increased to four cubic meters and can irrigated 1400 acres agriculture lands and will provide edible water for 2800 families.
According to the source the project cost 292440000 afs funded by World Bank.

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