2 Out Of 3 Liters of Oil Enter Without Supervision: NSB

Wednesday, August 03, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Officials in National Standard Bureau have stated that 2 out of 3 liters of Oil which is being imported into the country are coming illegal or in most cases its exempted paying taxation in the ports.
Meanwhile head of the Oil and Gas urged that there are some corrupted Governmental figures within the departments who are connected with the Oil mafia in Afghanistan.
Based on the estimation of the imported fuel coming inside the country for civilian and military proposes annually, where the most part of the following oil is coming through none standard channel by Mafia.
Head of the National Standard Bureau Naqibullah Faiq said,” 1 out 3 liters of oil which is being imported is checked by our staffs the other two either coming through exemption channel or Mafia way.”
Meanwhile head of the Oil and Gas department Walid Tamim said,” Mafia is connected with the Governmental corrupted figures, local commander, and insurgents in the region, based on the agreement the Oil which is being imported for the consumption of military proposes through exemption, most of the traders are misusing the following agreement and import tons of oil in the country.”
Officials in the following department have stated that a draft has been delivered to the Presidential palace identifying the Oil number 80 is not standard one and will soon be banned within the country.

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