35 Killed, Injured in Suicide assault in Helmand

Friday, January 27, 2012

Kabul (BNA) at least 35 civilians were killed and wounded in a suicide attack in Helmand province yesterday.  This event occurred near PRT building of foreign forces in a crowded bazaar in Lashkargah city yesterday morning.  According to reports, in this event the suicide attacker blew up his car full of exploded material in this bazaar.  Daud Ahmadi spokesman for Helmand Governor said to BNA, armed Taliban wanted to target number of NATO forces who were passing in two vehicles from the area, but they had no casualties in this event.  According to him in this incident, four civilians including of a child was killed and at least 31 others were wounded.  Daud Ahmadi said that among the injured four women are included.  It is said that 15 vehicles and some shops were damaged in this event.  Meanwhile, Dr. of Central Hospital of Lashkarga city reported health condition of 8 injured critical.

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