52 Private Schools Suspended In Kabul

Monday, April 21, 2014
Kabul (BNA) 52 private schools have been put in suspension in Kabul city by prosecutors of High Administrative for Counter Corruption and directorate of education for Kabul city.’
The statement was made yesterday by head of directorate of education for Kabul city Dr. Sayed Mansoor in an interview with BNA, saying private schools were divided into three sections: Schools the lesson quality of which are high and standardized are in the first category. Those schools which are in the second category have a series of defects amended by personnel of Kabul directorate of education during winter vacations. Nevertheless, those schools which are in third category have problems in quality and services sectors, so such schools have been given a period of specific time in order that they can prepare themselves according to norms and standards of ministry of education.
Sayed Mansoor asserted those schools which were in second and third categories had been reviewed by education teams and prosecutors of high administrative for counter corruption during the winter vacation, saying the schools had not paid their taxes, so the education teams did not extend their licenses.
He added if the schools paid their taxes, their licenses would be extended.
“With consultation of the prosecutors and after reviewing the schools, 52 private schools were put in suspension,” Sayed Mansoor said.
Related to rights of those students studying in the second and third categories’ schools, head of Kabul directorate of education said, “They don’t want to ignore the rights of the students because they have studied and we will help them.”
“We review and monitor both governmental and private schools,” he said, adding all teachers teaching at private schools should be 14 grades graduates.

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