Abdullah Claims Honoring Pledges Held Out To Donors

Tuesday, August 09, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah said on Monday the government, having honored the pledges held out to the international community, had made preparations for the upcoming NATO summit in Brussels.
Addressing the council of ministers, the CE said developing the culture of accountability, strengthening the rule of law, good governance, fighting corruption, strengthening government institutions and improving the capacity of the state machinery were the promises the government had made.
He said mitigation of poverty, women’s empowerment, generating employment opportunities and conducting transparent election were other pledges held out to global donors by the incumbent government.
Dr. Abdullah reaffirmed the administration’s resolve to keep its promises, saying requisite preparations for the summit had been made and regular meetings held under the chairmanship of the president to review work on the global community’s demands. NATO and donor countries are scheduled to meet in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, to discuss future economic assistance to the war-torn country.

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