Affected Families Receive Aids In Paktika

Wednesday July 20, 2016

Sharana City (BNA) Assistances have been distributed to two natural disaster and terrorist attack affected families in eastern Paktika province.
A family lost his four members due to a terrorist attack and another lost his five members following house ceiling collapse in the province.
Mohammad Alyas Wahdat governor of Paktika in his trip to Raoza district, where the two incidents occurred shared his grief with the victims’ families.
He promised to Raoza district’s residents that Afghan security forces trying to repulse and foil insurgents’ attacks in every parts of the district.
Taliban militants have not ability to face with Afghan security in battlefield, so they carrying attack on civilians, Wahdat added.
50,000 cash and some foodstuffs have been distributed by government to each family.
According to another report, 200 needy and poor families received foodstuffs in Paktika province.
The aids include rice, flour, bean, pea, cooking oil and tea, which distributed by counter-disaster management of the province.

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