Afghan Carpet Wins First Position For Second Round

Monday, February 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Afghan carpet had won the first position in the international exhibition held in Dubai for the second year, said an official.
A ministry of information and culture attaché head said that the exhibition had been held last month in Dubai and ended after the distribution trophies last week with the Afghan carpet to win the first position once again.
The carpets were investigated in the areas of materials, designs and beautifulness among them, the Afghan handmade carpet got the first position and received the trophy awarded by the Abu Dhabi and Dubai municipality.
The related in charge from Afghanistan including head of the Afghan attaché and Khost governor, general consulate in Dubai Atiqullah Atef Mal had spoke over the issue.
The authorities of Dubai had instructed the entire officials of their country to purchase the Afghan carpet and pave their offices with.
The Afghan carpet had been exhibited by the Jabbar Khil Tanwir Company in the international show from which thousands of people including Afghan diplomats including advisor minister, Sayed Naser Naderi had visited.

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