Afghan Cinematographers Lack Budget To Reflect Pains, Grievances Of People

Wednesday August 31, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Cinema is the 7th art in the world that screens objective realities of every society and has deep link with other arts including music, painting, sculpture making, theatre… etc. but here in our country, this 7th art has been almost forgotten or ignored. Chairman of Afghanistan Cinematographers’ Union (ACU) Jawan Sher Haidary said, Afghanistan situation has been deteriorating, war is going on in most provinces. How we can tackle culture, art and cinema. But despite of problems, shortcomings our talents young and old cinematographers are making sincere efforts to continue this art and produce popular films. Haidary went on to say, while in 60s, 70s/80s the then governments had been supporting artists, cultural professionals, musicians and cinematographers to continue and develop their activities and even within those years, on daily basis, 5 directors with 5 film making units and a collection of film makers and cinematographers were involved in film production outside the city and produced suitable social artistic films on different occasions.
But at present unfortunately, due to available security situations, our work quality has considerably dropped. He added, in the previous years we had cultural committees in schools, universities and large number of youth were involved in the field of film production and cinema. But today we lack everything. Lack of economic resources, proper investment in the field of cinema, shortage of technical instruments and technology and lack of youth interests in cinema due to above reasons, are the most important challenges ahead of cinematographers and non-shaping of cinema products. Neither government nor organs responsible focus attention in this field. Haidary explained, the government has setup a law for cinematographers that according to it, every film maker or cinematographer who wants to produce film, has to pay Afs 200000 bank guarantee while they don’t afford this amount and have to borrow or sell their house equipment to afford the guarantee.
This law was written and codified in absence of ACU representative. Each art needs encouragement by government. On Aug 18.2016 during the celebration of independence anniversary, musicians, compositors and singers performed epic songs and medals of Ghazi king Amanullah Khan were bestowed to them and out of 695 medals, even one medal was not given to a cinematographer. Haidary added that despite of the current problems the Afghan artists and cinematographers doing their best to develop cinema and attend occasional festivals. The 5th cinema festival of Herat is expected to be held in Kabul eminently. Another cinema festival led by Farida Hashimi on behalf of ACU is planned to be organized in Australia. We hope it would gain best achievement. The ACU plans to attend the 7th round of international cinema festival in Dushanbe in October 2016.  ACU has established relations with India, Iran, France, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Britain, Australia, Italy etc.
Karima Malikzada      

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