Afghan Forces Capable To Maintain Security For A Transparent Elections

Monday March 17, 2014
Kabul (BNA) While less than twenty days is remained for holding third round of presidential councils’ elections in the country, the enemies of the people of Afghanistan warn about disturbing of this process.
Despite, the previous periods of elections experiences showed that in collaboration of people and with their cooperation, the security forces did to neutralize the plots and intrigues of the enemies and their mercenaries in seed, this time too indications prove that the national army and police and national intelligence services of the country are more capable with benefiting from previous experiences than the enemies are imagining.
During opening of seventy working chapter of 16th session of national assembly, president Hamid Karzai once more explicitly laid emphasize on holding a transparent elections and added that with complete strength, that he is in favor of holding a transparent, free and safe elections. He added that it is the benefit of foreigners to refrain from meddling in elections of Afghanistan.
On the other, this is in the time that the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and other high-rank of officials of the government time and again assured about holding transparent, just and country wide elections and supported it. After winter recess of MPS, the 7th working chapter of 16th session of national assembly was opened Saturday with the speech of President Hamid Karzai. It is supported that during this working period of MPs, beside other issues, the debates would take place in connection with maintenance of election security and successor of first vice president as well.
So, the present sensitive condition of the country demands form peoples’ deputies in both chambers of parliament that beside investigation of challenges and problems faced by their clients, they should also perform their national obligation for holding healthy elections, and our suffering people to determine their destiny with complete assurance and brightened tomorrow.

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