Afghan Forces Planned To Uproot Daesh In East

Tuesday July 19, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Afghan security forces are committed to uproot Daesh in eastern Nangarhar Province, where President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during his visit to the province recently, instructed the Silab Corp 201 to launch offensive in the restive Koot district.
The president has ordered the Afghan National Security Forces to uproot any types of terror, particularly the Daesh and the Taliban militants in the east, where the U.S. forces announced to bring change in their military operation to put an end to the terrorists’ activity in the east. Gen. Nicolson said eastern Afghanistan was at the focal point of his led troops’ mission, where the Daesh and the Taliban militants would be targeted anywhere seen. The area with the Daesh and the Taliban militants’ activities are going on, has joint border with the neighboring Pakistan, where terrorist are reportedly being trained, equipped and sent to Afghanistan. Afghanistan has repeatedly accused Pakistan of interfering in its internal affairs, through supporting terrorists and now the world has also accepted that Pakistan was behind growing terrorists’ elements in the region and has to target their hideous.
According to the U.S. General, the operation was not only restricted to air-strikes on the militants hideouts but, would also be used to go ahead driving forces jointly with the Afghan security forces behind the enemy everywhere in the troubled areas. However the Taliban and Daesh militants are operating across the mountainous borders of the eastern provinces, but the U.S. forces, using their authorized mission said wanted to target their hideouts and strongholds everywhere reported. Meanwhile, the Afghan security forces have accelerated operation against the Daesh group in the eastern province, with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani warning to soon wrap up the Daesh operation from the Koot district of the war-torn province.
The Turkish attempted coup should be mulled as a good experience by the Afghans, when thousands of people poured to the streets to block anti-government raids and naturalize the plot. Even they used their bodies as shields against the military tanks and army vehicles to prevent their march towards the presidential palace. Afghans should also get united and do their best to prevent any neighbor’s intelligence conspiracies that could help war continue in the country. Daesh’s act is not corresponded to any of the Islamic teaching, nor to the human and world’s standards, as no Islamic and world law allows killing of children, women and elderly. But they do this. This should also be noted that Afghans can tolerate any miseries and hardship but are critically sensitive and oppose any disregard, violence and use of force against women and children. So, this is a crystal clear fact that Daesh group by its vicious act can never find place in Afghanistan and would be buried along with all its desires.
Earlier, Afghanistan house of people, political and economic experts as well as civil society activists expressed concern about the Daesh activities in Nangarhar province and asked the government take practical steps in elimination of the group prior it could expand its control. They warned that if the Daesh group operation was not prevented, they would expand their activities and would threaten security of the adjacent provinces like Kunar, Nuristan and even Northern provinces like Badakhshan. Meanwhile, the country’s ministry of defense has assured that Afghanistan was not a place for Daesh and warned that these elements would be annihilated everywhere in Afghanistan. 16 months ago, Daesh or mostly known as ISIS in some Arabic nations, emerged as a terrorist group in some Nangarhar districts, like Koot, Achin, Shinwar, Hasaki Mina and other nearby areas, where the security forces of the country could suppress them. Their activities quenched and their elements disappeared for long, but this year, once again some individuals affiliated to the Taliban resumed operating in the Koot district of the province where they killed tens of innocent residents and destroyed and set their houses on fire. Finally the people were forced to stage uprisings against the subversive groups and sent hundreds of Deash militants to graveyards and remained committed to fight terrorists until their full wipeout.
Hamidullah Faizi

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