Afghan Govt. Protest Over Construction of Daso Dam On Its Place

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The spokesman for foreign ministry has said that the protest of the government of Afghanistan over the construction of Daso dam is on its place.
Pakistan’s federal ministry on energy said recently that the government of Afghanistan has given up its protest over the construction of Daso dam on Kabul River.
According to BNA, foreign ministry spokesman Ahmad Shekib Mustaghni said at a press conference yesterday that the Afghan government has not given up from its disagreement in regard with construction of power dam by Pak government over Kabul River beyond the Durand Line and refutes every kind of assertions based on giving up from this protest.
He also pointed out the construction of Daso dam would damage the environment in Afghanistan.  The spokesman also confirmed the report about missing a Taliban leader Mullah Mutasim Agha Jan in United Arab Emirate, saying the contact of Afghanistan with UAE over the subject is continuing.  Foreign ministry spokesman also repeated the conditions of Afghanistan for inking security pact with United States of America, saying the agreement won’t be signed unless Afghanistan’s conditions are met. 

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