Afghan Journalist Sardar Ahmad, Wife And 2 Children Laid To Rest

Monday March 24, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The bodies of Afghan journalist Sardar Ahmad, his wife and two children who were killed by massive suicide attacks in Kabul Serena Hotel on Thursday night were buried in Deh Khudaidad locality on Sunday.
In the terrorist attack one more Afghan along with four foreigners were killed and seven others sustained injuries including a two and half years old Sardar’s son.
Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for the brutal attack, saying four militants had carried out the offensive.
Hundreds of people including members of Sardar’s family, officials with the ministry of information and culture and national and international journalists and human right activists attended the burial ceremony.
Irej the nephew of late Sardar in his remarks termed Taliban as a terrorist group defaming Islam by killing civilians including women and children.
On behalf of the ministry for information and culture, Jalal Nurani termed the attack by Taliban on civilians including journalists as coward act and condemned in strongest term.
Former head of national directorate for security (NDS) and leader of Green party Amrullah Saleh in his speech at the burial ceremony termed Taliban as the enemy of humanity, saying harmony and cooperation among people against Taliban and their national and international supporters can led to the elimination of the outfit.
The late Sardar before murdering by Taliban had written in his Facebook that one day his daughter Nilofar asked his father “Do the Taliban kill the animals? Sardar said, (No). The innocent girl said, “What better if we were animals”.
Unfortunately the six years old Nilofar did not know that she would soon become the victim of Taliban terrorists.
The late Sardar who worked for AFP was a prominent journalist.
Four terrorists according to security officials raided the Kabul Serena Hotel raided the hotel on Thursday night and opened indiscriminate firing on the guests at dining hall killing nine people including Sardar, his wife and two children.
However, the attackers had been killed after three hours of firefight with the security personnel.
Meantime, interior ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqi had accused the security staff of the Serena Hotel of failing through checking, saying the company provides security to the hotel has no link with the Afghan security apparatus. He also said that two guards of the hotel have been taken into custody for investigation.
Afghan journalists have boycotted Taliban stories for 15 days.
President Karzai, the ministry for information and culture, the UN Security Council and several countries including US and France have condemned the attack on civilians including journalists as a coward act.
After burial of late Sardar, his wife and two children on Sunday, hundreds of people including journalists and human right activists gathered in front of Serena Hotel and condemned Taliban as a terrorist group calling on the outfit to stop killing civilians.
At least four journalists have been killed and 13 others sustained injuries by Taliban militants over the past one year. Just recently a Swedish journalist was gunned down in Kabul. Taliban attack on a police station in Jalalabad days ago injured two journalists of Nangarhar national radio and television.

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