Afghan Special Forces Best Option For Counterterrorism Operations, Officials

Tuesday August 30, 2016

Kabul (BNA) However, heavy conflicts are still going on in a number of insecure provinces, such as, Helmand, Kunduz, Takhar and Baghlan, the security officials said, ‘conducting operations by commando forces is the most effective way in fighting terrorism and suppressing of the government armed insurgents.’ Meanwhile, the National Security Council (NSC) called presence of commando Special Forces in battlefields as the best option whom are being used in very difficult situations. Sayed Abdul Qader Aaram, spokesperson for the Shaheen 209 army corps in northern Afghanistan said, ‘we’ll not be able to do anything in battlefields without presence of commando special forces, because, they play key role in fight against the insurgents.’ At the same time, welcoming the abilities of the commando forces, the ministry of defense said, ‘currently, the armed insurgents have weakened and are not able to fight our commando special forces.’ Gen. Radmanish, deputy spokesperson to ministry of national defense told that the commando special forces whom are responsible for special operations have attained many achievements in ensuring security and fighting terrorism so far. They have had active part in the most difficult battles and their only aim is to ensure security and stability in their country.’
He added that presence of commandos in battlefields have caused to weak the enemies’ morale, as they have completely lost their power to fight. Since the beginning of the year, the Afghan security forces have used new military tactics, causing to prevent their casualties on one hand and impose heavy fatalities to armed insurgents on the other, he went on to say. Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers and political experts said that considering abilities of the Afghan security forces, the Special Forces could play key role in defeating the enemies. An MP, Mohammad Abduh said, ‘the Afghan commando forces are currently capable enough to lonely ensure security in Afghanistan, as their biggest success is that they have shouldered many anti-terrorism operations and accomplished them successfully.’ Lauding the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANSDF) achievements, particularly the commando forces, Mirdad Nejrabi, a member of the internal security commission of lower house of the parliament said, ‘fortunately, now, the ANSF have well trained and they can now act better against the enemies, as the role of commando forces in recent battles in Helmand and Kunduz provinces has been laudable.’ Ali Rahmani, a political and military expert said, ‘ensuring security is the government’s priority, but the important point to people is that Afghanistan is not the country of 90th decade any longer, because it enjoys active and equipped security forces now and have the world countries’ support behind.’ This is while that based on official figures of the country’s security entities, there are currently 10,000 commando forces operational in Afghanistan whom have been trained in some foreign countries, such as Germany and could ensure security of their countrymen in very hard circumstances so far.
Suraya Raiszada

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