Afghanistan, China Inaugurates Special Railway To Ease Bilateral Trades

Saturday, August 27, 2016
Hyman City (BNA) For the first time in the history of relations between Afghanistan and China, particularly rail transportation of commercial goods between the two countries was inaugurated to direct transfer.
Janan Mosazai, the Afghan ambassador to China, wrote on his Facebook page that the rail line called «Sino Afghan Special Railway Transportation» has been inducted today in Hyman city of China’s Jiangsu state.
According to him, this rail line within one zone program and the efforts of the Afghan Embassy in Beijing was initiated which is expected to transfer the size of 45-foot containers of Afghan trader’s goods to weigh 29 tons and 40 feet, weighing 26 tons twice in two months from the city of Hyman to Afghanistan through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to Hairatan port in Balkh province.
Mosazai said in the bilateral exchanges, the railway will load the Afghan export items like marble, saffron, dried fruit and other exports to China.
“This special rail line jointly conducted by the companies of ‘Qin Geng Industrial Co Ltd’ and the ‘Afghan Watan Group company’ is also an opportunity to strengthen trade between the two countries” he added.
According to the Afghan ambassador to China, the railway would make the transit route for trade between China and Afghanistan a lot shorter, safer and at lower prices. The development comes as recently direct flights of Kabul – Urumqi was started by Ariana Airlines.

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