Afghanistan Election’s Recount and Auditing process Completed

Friday September 5, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Noor Mohammad Noor spokesman of Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced that the recount and auditing process of second round of presidential election has been completed.
According to BNA correspondent, Noor talking among reporters said, it was a great mission that 100 percent of vote audit and recount process concluded.
According to him the process has been competed by hundreds of National, International, both presidential candidates observers and employees of Independent Election Commission (IEC).
He represented of (IEC) expressed appreciation from United Nation, National and International observers and media to compete the process patiently.
He confirmed that, all national and international standards considered by national and international experts during audited and recount of 22,828 ballot boxes.
The process had started at 17 July and ended 04 September 2014.
Both the candidates are negotiating over political part of the audit including deal brokered internationally to prevent Afghanistan from crises.

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