Afghanistan Looks For Broader Economic, Political Ties With Turkey

Sunday April 20, 2014 Kabul (BNA) Over the course of his history, Afghanistan and Turkey were bounded in close diplomatic and cultural relations which could be a paradigm of brotherly relations in the world and example of trust and cooperation the region. The Turkish government and people have always remained alongside the Afghan people during the difficult times and generously supported the country to move on the right direction toward sustainable peace and socioeconomic development. In a recent development, the Afghan officials with the consideration of brotherly relations between the two countries have called on the Turkish investors to come forward and invest in the country. Because Afghanistan is one of the riches countries in the world due to presence of large scale natural resources and mines. “There are major potentials and opportunities for investors to invest in Afghanistan,” Minister of Economy Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal said. “Afghanistan is in extreme need of international investments in mines and natural resources spheres, Afghanistan’s minerals have been estimated to $ 3 trillion, investment in this sector could support the country to get on its own feet.” “Investments on Afghanistan’s natural resources in fact benefit both the investors and our own country, we hope that Turkish investors realize this fact and come forward for investments,” Arghandiwal added. In the meantime, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) has said that expansion of economic and investment relations with Turkey connect Afghanistan to the European markets and proper ground must be paved to attract investments in agricultural, industry and processing sectors. “Awareness is an import issue both for Afghan Turkish investors so that the two sides get adequate information about the needs and necessities of their respective markets and manage their economic and investment ties on the basis of the same requirements,” ACCI chief Qurban Mohammad Haqjo said, “Afghanistan by forging close economic and trades ties with Turkey can expand its commercial activities with the world.” According to the statistics of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries the scale of trade and commerce relations between Afghanistan and Turkey is about 297 million dollars in 2013 and most of the money constitutes the items and products which Afghanistan has imported from Turkey. In the meantime, officials of Turkish embassy in Kabul has said that Turkey was willing to accomplish the establishment of a railway link between Afghanistan and Turkey via a neighboring country and will further develop economic and commercial relations with Afghanistan. The Turkish authorities believe that expansion of relations between the two nations favor their interests. Meanwhile, economic commentators have said that expansion of relations between Afghanistan and Turkey support the two countries to boot their economies and persuade other countries in the region to get advantage of the opportunities and change the region in to hub of economic and trade relations. “I hope that the two countries are succeeded to expand trade and commerce ties, we hope that Turkish investors come forward and investment in mines sector in Afghanistan,” analyst Mohammad Iqbal said. in addition, a number of citizens have said that the products which are imported from Turkey in Afghanistan have good quality as compare to the products imported from other countries. Based on the statistics of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, the cost of bilateral trade and transit relations between Afghanistan and Turkey was around $ 297 million in 2013 most parts of the money were the imports of products from Turkey.

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