Afghanistan Looks For With Russia Enhanced Security Ties

Saturday July 30, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The Afghan NSA Mohammad Hanif Atmar left Moscow at the head of a senior Afghan delegation on the official invitation of Russian federation NSA Nakoli Petroshov.
During this visit, beside Russian Federation NSA N. Petroshov, Mr. Atmar had bilateral meetings with RF foreign, defense and interior ministers. The goal behind this visit was RF assistance for equipping of ANDSF especially Afghan Air Forces. They also discussed further expansion of bilateral security, political relations. Both sides discussed supply and procurement of Mi17 and Mi35 to AAF, paving the way of repairing possibilities of air forces equipment inside Afghanistan as well as supply of ammunitions to ANSF available weaponries. The Afghan government believes that suppressing of common terror threats and war on poppy cultivation and drug trafficking require joint Afghan-Russia efforts. In the opinion of Afghan authorities, assistance of RF and other regional, international allies for quipping and capacity building of ANSF would produce for equipping and capacity building of ANSF would produce positive results in war on terror. In the last one year, different senior Afghan authorities including NSA, acting minister of defense, political deputy foreign minister and etc… have respectively visited Moscow to attract Moscow cooperation in war on terror and equipping of ANSF as well as expansion of strategic cooperation. Fortunately the Afghan officials managed to convince Moscow and Russian authorities to continue and increase their cooperation in the mentioned fields.
The security cooperation’ agreement between Kabul-Moscow that was recently signed by both countries military authorities emphasizes on agreement of bilateral security cooperation. This agreement is a general context for distinguishing of strategic plans. We hope this agreement would pave the way of subsequent extensive cooperation. Due to threats of terrorism and drugs to both sides national security, this cooperation are substantial needs. Analysts believe that Afghanistan must have strategic relations with the world superpowers to continue good governance and get rid of current situations. Afghanistan is an independent country and can set up relations with every country. Based on its policy, Afghanistan can define quality of its foreign relations with other countries in the direction of its national interests, doesn’t matter if this countries be US or Moscow or others. Security in Afghanistan is very important to Moscow. Because the central Asian countries that have common borders with Russia and Afghanistan are vulnerable and increase of insecurity in northern Afghanistan would jeopardize Russia’s stability and interests. This is the reason why the Russian authorities are not reluctant to think a strategic agreement with Afghanistan.
Lailuma Noori

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