Afghanistan Moving Towards Progress, Prosperity: President Karzai

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA) A delegation of Alokozy tribe’s Shura called on President Hamid Karzai in Arg yesterday and stressed for national unity.
Presidential press office stated BNA, elders of Alokozy tribe in the meeting said that the objective of formation of the Alokozy tribe Shura is national unity in the country, adding all the tribes in the country should solve the important national issues through unity and understanding.
Members of the delegation said that the Alokozai tribe would participate in the coming presidential and provincial council elections to cast their votes in favor of their candidates.
Hinting to country’s 12 years achievements, the delegation said, “Due to your leadership, today Afghanistan’s flag is hoisted in several countries and your outstanding leadership to remain with us forever.”
In his address, president Karzai lauded the role of tribal councils in bringing about national unity and understanding and also hailed the council of Alokozy tribe in this regard.
President Karzai also stated that Afghanistan is moving towards progress.
The President said, “Our country will further move towards progress and prosperity if millions of Afghans go to polling stations and use their right of franchise in favor of candidates they like.”
The president also called on the elders of Alokozy tribe to send their children including boys and girls to school, saying Afghanistan couldn’t compete with world unless it is equipped with modern technology and this goal is achievable through getting education.

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