Afghanistan Near To Stability, General Milner

Sunday, March 02, 2014
Kabul (BNA)  Canadian military mentor General Din Milner has said little time remained for strengthening professional skills of ANSF and if the international community continued assistance to the forces for coming few years, ANA and ANP would stand on their own feet.
The Canadian General has told Huffington Newspaper that Afghanistan is near to reach stability and Canada should continue its assistance to Afghanistan for keeping achievements in the country.
The General added Afghan security forces had beaten Taliban in every battle, but the forces needed to further professional perplexed military skills.
Huffington has written foreign countries’ policies on Afghanistan had not been comprehensive and provided based on carelessness. Therefore, the outcome was improper for foreign countries.
According to Huffington, International Community has also lacked good policies in the past 13 years, but it learned lessons, focused on long-term investment and succeeded on formation of a good security force.
The newspaper has written in its report that enhancement of capacity building of ANSF was not only important for maintaining security.
As ANA and ANP were representing a government, the forces equipped with professional skills would play key role in obtaining the people’s trust.
Huffington has considered literacy issues in ANA and ANP as key staple for professionalism of the forces, saying much work has been done in this field.

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