Afghanistan Should Keep Tighten Relations With Regional Countries

Wednesday August 24, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The Storay place of the MoFA was opened by president Ghani and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday morning.
This place was partially damaged in the past years and was renovated due to Indian’s financial assistance. The place is the sign of Afghanistan magnificence in 21st century. The Afghan president said, “This not the victory of Afghan-India nations only but beside that its victory of friendship over enmity, cooperation over hindrance, construction over destruction and prudence over short mildness. At the same time in his video conference speech the Indian PM Narendra Modi said, “Commitment of our partnership and power of friendship with Afghanistan is unshakable. Rebuilding of this palace is the sign of progress and preservation of Afghanistan national culture and traditions.
Experts believe that currently proxy wars of Saudi Arabia and Iran, US-Russia as well as Iran-US are going on in the region.
Afghanistan as an independent country should develop stable ties with the world countries. Pakistan is trying to prevent India influence in Afghanistan and prevent its assistance. But Pakistan must realize that Afghanistan has realized its hostile policies and Pakistan should no longer attempt to seek its fortunes in misfortunes of Afghanistan people. Because continued wars would affect regional countries and Pakistan support of terrorists would lead it to isolation. Now all countries have realized that Pakistan is the origin of all problems and subversive activities in the region and the world and has paved the way of extremism and terrorism. It is logically believed that gradually violence and extremism will be replaced with pessimism and benevolence and those who intoned terror and destruction in the region, would be annihilated, because those who commit this action, are not sound and humanist people. They have gotten out of human being framework.
If the regional countries don’t help Afghanistan in war on terror, they will also be victimized soon as they have already been partially.
Rebuilding of Storay historic palace is the last example of Indian’s sincere assistance to Afghanistan which was followed by construction of Salma dam and building of new parliament as well as Indian contribution in Chahbahar sea port.   
Hamidullah Faizi

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