Afghanistan to Celebrate Amir Ali Shir Nawayee’s 580th Birth Anniversary

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired a consultative meeting here yesterday morning at the presidential palace for commemoration of the 580th birth anniversary of Amir Ali Shir Nawayee.

According to a statement from the presidential palace, at the outset Mohammad Tahir Zuhair, Acting Minister of Information and Culture, while presenting information about the celebration of the 580th birth anniversary of the historical figure Amir Ali Shir Nawayee in coming Solar Year and the reconstruction of his tomb, said that his led ministry will begin the reconstruction of other cultural and literary figures and historical monuments of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the President said that the Government of Afghanistan will republish the works of the great and famous figure of the country, Amir Ali Shir Nawayee, adding that researches should be conducted on his thoughts and works to clarify his efforts in the fields of literature, culture, Islam and civilization for the current generation.

The President, as per the presidential palace statement, also stressed that the way of thinking, the school of thought and Islam, and the messages and concepts of urban culture and civilization, and the interdependence of Afghan historians and scientists, which is based on moderation and justice, must be explained. “The new generation must be aware of their true history and this view of historiography must be strengthened,” he added.

President Ghani said that a lot of work should be done on Herat studies, Afghanistan studies, archeology of the Timurid period, collection of historical relics and their compilation, translation and distribution. He added that the biographies, memoirs, thoughts and important messages of Amir Shir Ali Nawayee and other famous Afghan personalities should be published and shared with the younger generation.

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