Afghanistan Won’t Surrender Foreign Policy To Anyone: President Ghani

Saturday, August 20, 2016
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Thursday said they were celebrating the Independence Day at a time when Afghanistan still needed renewed pledges for its defense.
In his address to a gathering marking the 97th Independence Day at the presidential palace, President Ghani said Afghanistan had both a sweet and bitter history.
“We have not achieved the internal independence for 97 years, we had internal independence then, but we achieved foreign policy independence,” said the President, who vowed not to surrender the country’s foreign policy regime to anyone.
“We have an independent government, independent foreign policy and we have achievements in our foreign policy as well, thanks to the sacrifices of our security forces,” the president said. He said the Afghan forces beyond expectations showed their commitment, will and management skill and that was why new promises were made with Afghanistan at the Warsaw Summit.
But threats still existed and keeping in view the threats, a clear vision should be adopted, he said. The president once again called the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan as imposed and said terrorists wanted to use the Afghanistan’s soil to destroy others, but Afghanistan would not allow anyone to do so and the terrorists would be done away with.
Referring to Daesh or Islamic State militant group, President Ghani said they would be flushed out from the entire country not only from Nangarhar province.
“This is the home of lions that will tear you apart,” President Ghani told the militant group struggling to find a foothold in eastern Afghanistan. The President said Afghanistan could not compromise on its national interests and the Afghans should be looked at with respect and dignity.
He said Afghanistan maintained good relations with regional countries and Kabul message to Islamabad was clear that the two governments’ relations would be based on Afghanistan national interests.
The president hailed security forces for their continued efforts to restore peace and stability and said every general and service member of the Afghan forces was the protector of the motherland and they had complete national backing.
“Terrorism alone is not our problem, we have been struggling with economic issues, poverty, education and other issues which can be resolved through unity and hard work. We are determined and have the political will to resolve these issues and bring peace and stability to the country,” the president said.
Referring to the recent rift between the Presidential Palace and the Chief Executive Office, President Ghani said the president had no right to spread negative messages. He said presidency was not a position to be exploited emotionally but it was a place where everything was dealt with deep consideration, consultation and thinking.
He said every decision was being taken in the largest interest of the country and Islam and hopefully peace and stability would prevail in the country.
Speaking in the gathering, chief of army staff and head of the commission for commemoration of the Independence Day Gen. Qadam Shah Shaheem said that since receiving independence, the Afghan nation has struggled for its survival as the independent country, adding that Afghan nation would spare no efforts in protecting its national values.
The deputy to president’s administrative office, Nematullah Sayer also briefed the gathering on aid packages to the families of the Afghan National and Defense Forces, promotion of the Ministers of Defense and Interior to Full General rank and a number of the military officials to different military ranks as well as distribution of the medals and appreciation certificates to around 450 members of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.
The gathering was also attended by second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, Ahmad Zia Massoud President’s special envoy on reforms and good governance, Eng. Mohammad Khan first deputy to chief executive, Chairman of the upper house, chief justice, Attorney General, Jihadi leader Sebghatullah Mojadidi, cabinet ministers, influential figures and a number of foreign representatives to Kabul.

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