Afghanistan Won’t Surrender Foreign Policy To Others

Monday August 22, 2016

Kabul (BNA) However, the government of national unity (NUG) couldn’t still practice its commitments to the nation, but it enjoys high foreign policy in the region.
In fact, with attraction of the international community by the NUG, the people of Afghanistan are optimistic to restoring security and stability throughout the country.
The Afghans believe that the NUG could satisfy the world countries to cooperate with Afghanistan in fighting terrorism. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with his foreign policy could make the world countries, particularly the U.S. to postpone its assistances to terrorists’ supporting country {Pakistan}.
Likewise, Pakistan has been warned to be faced the U.S. boycotts if it doesn’t honestly cooperate in fighting terrorism. The U.S. has postponed $300mln of its assistances to Pakistan which was expected to be spent in fighting terrorism and asked it to change its double policy. After 15 years, the government of Afghanistan could now make the international community, particularly the U.S. to solve all Pakistan related problems in the region and the country.
Pakistan has always trained the terrorists and sent them to Afghanistan to conduct subversive activities, as it has always made effort to follow its political goals. Recently, President Ashraf Ghani asserted that Afghanistan would never surrender its foreign policy to others. Earlier, the enemies of Afghanistan had believed that the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) are not able to fight us. But, the ANSF have proved they are capable enough to fight any power and sworn to change Afghanistan into the terrorists’ graveyard. The people of Afghanistan are not alone, the president said, adding this is the problem of the entire world countries and they are committed to cooperate with Afghanistan in war on terror. It is to be mentioned that the ANSF are not only enjoyed support of the world, but the Afghans as well. The experts believe that the foreign policy of Afghanistan is in fact its internal policy. Afghanistan is an independent country, where can either restore relation or postpone and even cut it with any country. It is worth mentioning that imposing pressures on terrorists’ supporting countries by the international community have made the Afghans hopeful to future and the government will seriously continue fighting against terrorist groups and other networks that are operational in Pakistan.
Hamidullah Faizi

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