Afghanistan’s Young Generation Believe In Constitution: President Ghani

Monday, August 15, 2016
Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani addressing a gathering of the youth parliament inauguration said the country’s young generation believed on constitution, his office reported Sunday.
“You have come to represent the people and democracy and this is a matter of proud that the young and dynamic generation wants to cure the pain of the nation,” said the president in the statement.
Establishment of the youth parliament indicates that they believe on the country’s constitution and represent the nation in the house of people, the statement quoted the president as saying that representing a nation is a proud and great responsibility.
Afghanistan is the house of the lions, no one should humiliate it, said the president praising the country’s troops to defend the country by devoting their bloods and lives as saying this demonstrates the commitment that ‘this country would survive for thousands of years.’
“All of the country’s youth would have full preparation for the country’s leadership. All of you love your country and are interested to lead it,” said the president as quoted in the statement. Afghan youth are the generation of union not discord. “This work of you indicates that Afghanistan is not the place of anarchism and despotism,” he reiterated.
He said Afghanistan would not return backward as he was sure that the achievements of the country are provident. When we had good achievement we have been united, said President Ghani adding no Afghan was willing to sought refuge and that they had firm plan for repatriation of the Afghans.
“The country’s leaders and elders are like kite, with the string at the hand of the nation—would get down whenever the nation wanted and would fly, whenever it wanted,” said the president.
Leadership is impossible with reaction, a leader should change whatever is around him, said the president referring to the known poet and great personality Khoshhal Khan Khatak’s famous works of Dastarnama and Baznama in which, according to him, the main peculiarities of a good leader had been reflected.
He advised that a president would get out of his personal feelings, remains patient and enjoys a good analysis of a good leader. The president lauded what he called the holy Islam a fate making religious and the history of Islam should be referred, if one wanted to get rid of disaster and calamities.
The president asked the youth to try their best to represent the holy Islamic nation and not let the Daesh and terrorists to represent it.
To conclude with, the president asked the youth to visit the Presidential Palace and become their own guests.
The youth awarded a letter of appreciation to the president.

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