Afghans Once Again Target To Neighbors’ Intelligence

Monday July 25, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Thousands of people, firmly affiliated to the Junbish-e-Roshnaye (Illumination Movement) took to the streets on Saturday and warned not retract unless their rights are gained.
The main target of the rally, they have launched for the second time in the capital Kabul, has been said to demand, what they said their right of 500 kilovolt power line to be extended through their surveyed highlands, where the protesters mostly live in. But, the government has said the highly cost projects through Bamyan was impossible, as the officials believe it would cost millions of dollars if extended to Pakistan, via the central Bamyan province, where the protesters called their rights to practice the previous WDB supported project. Before the launch of the protest, security officials warned the marchers would most possibly face security threat, based on intelligence findings and they should refrain from the protest.
But, the Junbish-e-Roshnaye underestimated the warning and set Saturday a deadline for holding the march. Demonstration kicked off on the set timeline and continued till morning at the Dehmazang area of the Kabul city, with the marchers trying to erect the tents of sit-ins there. Three men disguised as they blew their heavily packed suicide vests consecutively (however one of them didn’t succeed) that rocked the area, with the protesters started fleeing the site of the sit-in. One of the bombers missed to blow his explosive, and immediately being shot by police at the spot, but two of them succeeded to explode their vests leaving wide number of up to 80 people including protesters and women and children dead and over 200 injured, according to the public health officials. The deadly incident, the responsibility of which had been claimed by individuals, loyal to Daesh received condemnation from national and international entities, with the Afghan political experts blaming some neighboring countries of behind the mass killing as saying: “Afghans once again become fuel for the vicious targets of some malicious circles outside the border.”
The enemy is vigilantly hidden in their ambushes against the people and government. The neighboring countries can’t tolerate development in Afghanistan, so the Afghan politicians and the demonstration leaders shouldn’t let the enemy to turn the Afghans as a means of their targets.
The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has ordered probe into the bloody incident and said those involved in the incident should be trialed, identified and brought to justice. Leaders of Junbish-e-Roshnaye are suspected of spying for the neighboring countries’ intelligences, as they have been aware of what would happen during the protests, and they were fully aware of the country’s internal and foreign policies, so they prevented their followers from pouring to the streets.
In order to make clear what the main reasons behind the incident were, analysts said the leaders of the Junbish-e-Roshnaye should be brought to justice for clarification. On the other hand, those behind the protest are said to lead the protest in order to make themselves known and get reputation as the leaders and high profile personalities of the Hazara minority. Likewise, there is some interference attempting to disturb the execution and once again fall Afghanistan into the destruction quagmire. But they should know that the project would definitely be kicked off.
Also, some vicious groups are making effort to create discords among the whole Afghan tribes, by killing people affiliated to a certain ethnic, but all the people of Afghanistan are united and would be hard to be defeated.
So, the people of Afghanistan should remain patients and the government should firmly trail those behind the incident and bring them to justice to be a lesson to others, and most importantly rush to the treatment of the wounded marchers. As it is clear, Afghanistan is being hunted by the proxy war, with involvement of Pakistan, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia and some other countries, as they believe they would lose their product markets if Afghanistan developed and further improved. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in his message condemned the attack and vowed to take revenge of the bloods of the martyrs by seriously investigating into the incident and bring those involved to justice. The Daesh group had reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack. The incident comes after, the Afghans are struggling critical poverty and unemployment, so the government should do its best to put an end to the proxy war, restore peace and security and generate jobs for millions of youths fleeing the country and drowning in the rivers and sue the international community’s funds to restrain the country’s waters and generate sufficient power energy for the countrymen to help them get rid of such miseries.
Hamidullah Faizi

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