Afghans Sacrificed Further Than Others In War On Terror, Norwegian Minister Of Foreign Affairs

Monday, February 24, 2014
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai in his meeting with the Norwegian minister of foreign affairs discussed bilateral relation, long term cooperation, peace process, anti-terrorism efforts, the upcoming peace process, training and equipment of the Afghan forces and other issue of mutual interests.
According to presidential press office, expressing pleasure over the last one decade of development in Afghanistan, the Norwegian foreign minister, Borg Brand in his talks with the president said all what had been done positive under “your wise leadership.”
Lauding the Afghan forces capability, he said the forces could well defend their country. “The forces potency had really surprised me.” The minister also pledged to continue cooperation with Afghanistan in different fields, particularly in education and health sectors.
Meanwhile, President Karzai appreciated the minister for his country’s efforts to provide Afghanistan with full cooperation over the last one decade during which positive changes had been brought in the people life. “The Afghans are thanking the friendly country for its cooperation.”
“Success of war on terror requires holistic cooperation of Pakistan”, said the president urging the neighboring country for fight on the main terrorists hideouts.
Lauding the Afghan people sacrifices in war on terror, the Norwegian foreign minister noted that terrorists’ main sanctuaries were not inside Afghanistan. He said the peace process should be led and possessed under the Afghan leadership and his country would provide full support and cooperation with the Afghan government to help the process get success.

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