Afghans Thirsty of Peace, Security

Tuesday August 2, 2016

Kabul (BNA) At present our ANSF have taken heads in hands and carry out victorious operations in partnership with international allies and are fighting decisively against the world terrorism.
But sometimes they are mercilessly targeted by media propagation and even are accused of incapability and negligence during mission. While if there is a basic problem behind the curtain it is with the main players. Here I would like to mention few words about capability of ANA, ANP, NDS and ANCOP: First, following the ousting of Taliban, Afghanistan has never had about 400000 armed forces ready to defend the country but today we have and they are at high qualitative and quantitative level. Second, our armed forces are strongly supported from the perspective of equipment by the international community, because the world had pledged in London and Warsaw conferences to support Afghanistan in war on terror against extremist factions. This issue could be assessed as an effective factor in this war.
Third, in the battlefield and direct fight with enemy, the ANA combat spirit is the most important issue. Fortunately, everyday our military commanders who are leading Afghan troops assure their oppressed people that insurgents are not capable to fight ANSF directly. Fourth, during military operations against insurgents, using of the word of war is not scientific and professional although it is usual. Because war has its own peculiar conditions (preannounced, end…). Every counter-insurgents’ operation against highway robbers, killers and other combatants cannot be called war. Nevertheless, despite of our confidence to ANSF capability against terror groups, few following pints should be focused.
1- We should be careful always and every time and even the small enemy should not be ignored or underestimated.
2- Increasing popular cooperation with ANSF is vital and basic
3- Recognition and identification of tricky enemy inside the government bodies is the most important and urgent duty of our detective-security branches that would be possible only in case of people support and sincere cooperation.
4- On counter- insurgent operations, consultations must be taken place with reliable neighboring countries and then operations be planned.
5- In the age of globalization, economic-security regional convergence is one of the basic needs and has been said that it is one of best options of development that has been confirmed by president Ghani too.
Our leaders and rulers should invite serious attention to public opinion in peace and security process and put implementation of people demands on the top of their policy. What seems unquestionably is this that the roots of ongoing insecurities and instabilities in Afghanistan, are much deeper that they appear. Attention to people, their help and cooperation gradually cause restriction of subversive activities of insurgents and terrorists. 
Lailuma Noori

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