AFP Sets-up Exclusive Internet Page For Martyred Sardar Ahmad

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The AFP in its exclusive report while praising work of the agency’s martyred journalist Sardar Ahmad in Afghanistan assessed the condition of journalists in the country.
In the agency’s report, Martyred Sardar Ahmad was called as a talented, potent and committed journalist, who had been working professionally according to principles of journalism.
Sardar Ahmad was martyred along with his wife and two small children in Kabul Serena Hotel in the night of Nawroz in a terrorist attack.
Sardar’s three years old child Abu Zar was injured, Abu Zar is now ok and living with his father’s family.
The journalist’s colleagues have opened an internet page in honor to services and professional work of Martyred Sardar Ahmad.
The page has been set up for helping Abu Zar, the only remained member of Sardar so that he could have new life beside his father’s family in Canada.

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