ANSA To Standardize Goods’ Sign

Saturday August 13, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Observation of standard and standardization is one of the important issues for the economic growth and guaranteeing everyone’s health.
Therefore, it is necessary that Afghanistan National Standards Authority (ANSA) to do more for standardization of goods in the country. The in-charges of ANSA say that in near future, Afghanistan’s standard sign will be made for introduction of high quality Afghani products. Now, the question is what caused the issue of standard to draw the attention of all in the connection? Head of ANSA, Dr. Naqibullah Fayeq told that standards make the trade world at the same level and make credible transferring of merchandizes from one country to another, adding the administration can guarantee every domestic product. So, the ANSA could make such standards to be applicable with international ones.
He says that implementation of standard signs will take place either inside Afghanistan or abroad for exporting items of the country such as dried fruits, carpet, meat, fresh fruits etc. and our domestic products will be introduced to foreign markets through this sign. In respond to this query that what caused the standard issue to be set forth in the society, will all Afghan domestic products to be exported to overseas through this sign or not? The head of the ANSA said, the Brussels conference that is due to be held by international community for rendering contribution to Afghanistan and sans standards, we don’t lay emphasize on their contributions to Afghanistan and sans introducing of our domestic products and their alternate ones through standards, it is impossible to absorb contribution of international community. Now, for improving quality and labor situation as well as implementation of standard sign, ten percent of work of the administration is remained to be done and we can promote our working capacity for receiving international company certificate and based on the same, we can use the standard sign that be credible all over the world.
He added that in previous years, low quality fuels were imported to Afghanistan and this administration did its best to prevent it. The fuels are tested in laboratories of this administration and then offered to the market. But those fuels offering to the market by mafia are surely low quality. To improve the issue, border police should perform their duty well. According to him, now, this administration returned 15 million liters of fuel. It is a hard work for us. At the same time, a lecturer of Kabul University, Saifuddin Saihoon says that standardization of the Afghan commodities and imported ones pave the way for offering services according to the world standards and also prepare the ground for the growth of domestic products and world convergence. On the other, observation of standards in production and in importing of commercial goods prevents the harm in their consumption. Saihoon stated. He added: Further violation and necessary control in observation of standards in importing of fuel material can prevent from sustaining harms by domestic consumers. Economic expert, Shir Ali Tazri believes that to keep safety of citizens, the administration of norm and standard of Afghanistan should take in its hand serious programs. He adds: the sign of standard introduces the quality and products of Afghanistan. At the same time, pollution of air and disturbing of environment is another part that caused because of paying no heed to the standard issue. It has negative impact in sanitation and health situation of our countrymen.
Shukria Khoistani

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