ANSF Capable To Make Achievement In War On Terror

Wednesday September 7, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The ministry of defense authorities said that the Taliban failed to occupy their target districts despite of their heavy attacks.
Because, they know that the Afghan National Security and Defenses Forces (ANSDF) have essential high combat capabilities and they have gained good achievements in battlefields.
MoD deputy spokesman, BG Mohammad Radmanish said the Taliban insurgents try to insecure the situation and display their power. But they should know that the ANSDF have all kinds of preparedness against them. During their attack recently to Jani Khil district, Paktia province, they faced strong resistance of ANSDF and sustained heavy blows.
He added, foreign secret services have planned to insecure Afghanistan. Terrorists wanted to transfer their centers into Afghanistan, but they failed. The ANSDF are determined to eliminate terrorists. Touching the ANSDF achievements, BG Radmanish added, recent operations in a number of insecure provinces and districts produced certain positive results, for instance elimination of Taliban command and control centers, intelligence cells and training centers.
In Nad Ali district, Helmand province, ANSF managed to discover and demolish 174 mines. 7 prisons of Taliban were shutdown in Nowzad district and the innocent prisoners were released. Taliban 5 intelligence cells were discovered and destroyed in Nangarhar provinces. Our operations are going on. Law makers said that following the death of Mullah Mansoor. This faction has lost confrontation capability against ANSFD and disorder has appeared among them. Hadi Khalid military expert and former senior military officer said, the death of Mullah Mansoor proved that terrorists have lost their capability and are weakening day by day. So they should join peace talks otherwise their destiny would be similar to that of their leader. Khalid added, the government should pave good opportunities in the battlefields to ANSF and take care of them, because their support causes their courage against insurgents.
Ali Rahmani another political commentator said, now the world people have released this fact that insurgents safe houses are in Pakistan soil. So political pressures should be increased and attacks on Taliban positions should continue. Muzhda, a Kabul citizen said, the NUG should put restoration of security in its top priorities and doesn’t let the insurgents raze our people to the ground. Rahmatullah a Kunduz resident who is currently living in Kabul said, ‘I expect the US to focus serious attention to equipping of ANSF so they are capable enough to defeat the enemies.’
Suraya Raiszada

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