ANSF Managed To Change Strategy, Reduce Insurgents’ Attacks

Wednesday July 20, 2016

Kabul (BNA) In an interview with The Associated Press, the US chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford said that Taliban insurgents failed to intensify usual summer attacks and he is optimist on relative reduction of Taliban offensives. In his opinion, the main reason behind this change is motivation of ANSF in the battlefields. ANSF are now capable to target insurgents alone everywhere and every time. Danford added that violence’s by Taliban have reduced than before but there is no guarantee that this balance would not charge again. It should be said that at present the ANSF have amended their combat strategy against armed insurgents, got rid of defensive stance and have adopted offensive position and launch day and night independent military operations everywhere needed. Other reason behind decrease of Taliban attacks is killing of Mullah Mansoor in Pakistan soil that caused disagreement among insurgents. Beside that the new insurgents’ leader Mullah Haibatullah lacks that capability and confidence to run the war machine of Taliban like Mansoor.
At the same time the Taliban donors no longer want to fund them frankly and the region is also concerned on existence of Taliban in Pakistan territory and decided that Pakistan should take honest practical steps for insurgents’ elimination. Taliban have also lost their save heavens and Pakistan cannot be gradually a continued save heaven for insurgents. The US and other allies have seriously requested Pakistan to give up insurgents support otherwise they (Pakistan) would be included the black list of the UNSC. Pakistan also no longer is able to make plans for Taliban and help them to practice it. Following the order of President Barack Obama, the US forces have increased their attacks in Afghanistan and targeted Taliban everywhere and have restricted their sanctuaries. These developments would not allow Taliban to advance their activities and occupy new areas. The Air Forces of ANSF have also been further equipped than before and support ANSF infantry units during military operations and have inflicted great damage to insurgents in the battlefields.
Following the Warsaw conference, the US, NATO allies’ military and political support of US $5b per year to 2020 and reiteration of Resolute Support have encouraged ANSF field commanders and promoted their war spirit. Now ANSF are sure that they are no longer alone and the regional, neighboring countries cannot dream collapse of Afghan system. Beside abovementioned pledges, the US has announced that she would be keeping over 8400 troops until Jan 2017 in Afghanistan and support ANSF in the combat operations. At the same time, the Afghan government is also obliged to make maximum use of available resources contributed by the world community and exert continued pressure on insurgents to attend peace talks table, give up war and violence. Taliban insurgents have also lost more chance of war, should utilize this opportunity, otherwise they and their supporters would be eliminated. 
Hamidullah Faizi

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