ANSF Successfully Defeat Taliban Insurgents

Monday August 15, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Over the last two weeks, the Taliban insurgents have intensified attacks on Helmand province, aimed to take the control of a few districts.
But, the Afghan security forces didn’t let them reach their ominous goal and imposed heavy blows to them. All districts of the province are under the government control, as during recent conflicts, 250 insurgents have been killed and dozens injured. Deputy Chairman of the Army Staff, Gen. Murad Ali Murad said, ‘the Taliban cannot even take a district, he also assured that the Afghan National Security Forces are capable enough to suppress the enemies in any corners of the country.’ People representatives in National Assembly and provincial councils and civil society representatives warned that the situation will turn more critical in Helmand, as paying less attention to its people demands and strategies has caused that some areas of the province to be destabilized.
War in Helmand has been undoubtedly organized and led by some intelligence agencies, particularly Pakistan, as it is making effort to strengthen the Taliban group to weaken and disturb the country’s system. A political expert, Esmat Qane said, ‘the main reason behind Helmand war is ruling corruption in related entities.’ Unfortunately, the regional intelligence is still freely operational in Afghanistan, and there is no doubt that they have established multiple political and military bases to conduct subversive activities inside the country. Therefore, if the Resolute Support (RS) forces don’t pay attention in the respect, the situation will become worst. The Afghan security forces lack weapons and ammunitions in battlefields—a move that has caused to rise military casualties in Helmand. Therefore, the government should seriously pay attention and consider the ANSF deficiencies in the province. But recently, the ANSF have increased their operations against the Taliban and faced them with heavy defeat in some districts of the province. Earlier, the security officials said that Helmand war has started seven months ago and has intensified over the last weeks.   
Lailuma Noori

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