Ansf’s Sacrifices Must Be Admired

Monday July 25, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Parwin Etesami in one of her beautiful songs, portraits the story of a candle and a witness in which the eyewitness in a symbolic way and ironically says that has stitched colored clothes from the evening to dawn and wore them, but the candle except burning, has done nothing.
But in response to this explanation, the candle said, “I was burning all the night to dawn and melted and it was me that cause illumination of your function and you were able due to my light of burning to do all these works. Therefore in fact not you but I have done everything. The story of martyrs with the human society is the same as the story of candle and eyewitness, because, if devotion of martyrs and their sacrifices for the people welfare were not, no effective and constructive activity would have been performed in social life. Devoting their life, this most valuable divine gift, the ANSF brave martyrs pave the way of normal and peaceful life to their people.
The ANSF martyrs have the position of candle in Parwin story, which are burning but donate light and warmth to social life. Martyrs are indeed candles of human society. The ANSF martyrs with donation of their blood and sweet life, gift peace and security to other citizens and pave the way for a real life, efforts and endeavors. If we expect and await a bright future to our country, no doubt, it couldn’t be achieved without sacrifice and devotion of ANSF. If these brave ANSF are not day and night in their trenches, wouldn’t be normal life available. If today the pulse of life is beating normally, it is due to bless of ANSF sacrifice and devotions. Releasing a statement at the end of a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani, the members of Afghanistan Nationwide Ulema Council said, “Our security, defense forces are fighting for defending of religion, homeland, territorial integrity and national sovereignty and devote themselves that according to Islam holy religion, no doubt this death is martyrdom.”
In this statement the members of ANUC asked the Afghan president that in order to appreciate the devotion and position of ANSF martyrs and fulfillment of his national, religious obligation, the salaries and privileges of ANSF soldiers and officers not to be cut after martyrdom and be paid continuously until their family’s needs are met. All printing and audiovisual media should be ordered to call them martyr. In this statement it has been clarified that in some areas unfortunately under the negative influence of enemies, locals fearing armed insurgents and don’t attend funeral of ANA, ANP and NDS martyrs. The ANUC asks the Muslim and mujahed Afghan nation to take part in ANSF funeral and not to be overshadowed by spiteful propaganda of enemies.   
Massoud Ludin

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