April 5, National Festival, CM

Tuesday, April 08, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, the council of ministers’ plenary session was held Monday congratulating successfully holding of the 2014’s presidential and province elections to the entire Afghan nation.
According to presidential press office to BNA, Hamal 16 (coincided with April 5) is a national festival in the country and the people wide participation in the process is the greatest guarantee for the Islamic Republic system in Afghanistan and strong and crashing response to those circles with plots to use force and violence to derail “our decision”, said the president while addressing the CM session at the Gulkhana Palace.
As the presidential hopefuls said during their electoral campaigns that they prefer the country’s high interests, national unity, independence and constitution to others as their highest values on one side and on the other, the people’s wide participation in the electoral campaign demonstrate that the country’s future would be far better than today and Afghanistan is going forward to a bright future.
The people’s wide participation in the election demonstrates their self-determination and democracy, as well as the media role in this respect is laudable, the president continued.
The president also said: “This is a matter of pleasure the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan by Afghanization of the 2014 elections proved that the people have higher capacity and if the subversive obstacles were removed from their way, they can absolutely step toward unique and unpredictable success.” “We say in one voice that the Afghans emerged proud and successful in the historic ordeal and are planned to introduce a democratic government to the world.”
Contrary to what the foreign media reports [during which they introduced the 2014 a monster and the 2014’s election impossible], the people of Afghanistan could once again show to the world that they can independently practice the election and other national processes.
Meanwhile the minister of information and culture discussed issue pertaining to the booksellers and their taxation problems at the meeting, with the council of ministers (CM) under the Article 24 of the Custom Law, requiring waive on any kind of books imports, didn’t approved tax waive on bookselling as unjustifiable.
To conclude with, the minister of foreign affairs shared two international treaties, which was approved by the CM, the CM meeting tasked the ministry of foreign affairs to send the convention on the convicts’ transfer to the ministry of justice for more investigation under the country’ law.

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