Arghandiwal Dismissed from His Post as Finance Minister

Kabul (BNA) The General Directorate of Presidential Affairs said in a press release that the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, has issued separate decrees dismissing Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal, Minister of Finance, and appointing Mohammad Khalid Payenda as Acting Minister of Finance.

The newsletter also states that in the decree of Presidential office, the reasons for dismissal of the Minister of Finance were delays in collecting revenues, non-cooperation with the Joint Committee on Investigation of Illegal Allowances in the Ministry of Finance and obstruction of such investigations, poor management, lack of commitment to the values of good governance and non-observance of Article 77 of the Constitution of the country are mentioned in the duties assigned and in disobedience to the rulings and instructions of the high presidential official.

The Presidential Office of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in accordance with paragraph 11 of Article 64 of the Constitution, has ordered the dismissal of AbdulآHadi Arghandiwal, Minister of Finance, and the appointment of Mohammad Khalid Payenda as the Acting Minister of this ministry.

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