Armed Opponents To Let Vaccination Teams Vaccine Afghan Children: Hamid Karzai

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Hamid Karzai, president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan expresses his concern that there are still cases of polio diseases in a number of insecure areas of the country and the other side of Durand Line. 
According to recent news reports ministry of public health, currently polio cases have increased by three fold comparing to 2010 in the country. 
Based on the reports, in 2011, 80 polio cases were seen in the country, 62 of the cases were seen in southern provinces including Farah province. 
Expressing his deep concern over the cases the president says, “Those who prevent Afghan children from vaccination are the enemies of the country’s future children.” 
Calling on armed opponents of the government, Hamid Karzai asked them to let national vaccination teams vaccine the children so that they would free from polio diseases. 
Pointing out related to efforts made by Afghan government and international community for prevention of polio diseases, Hamid Karzai said despite that much work has done for elimination of polio in the country and millions of Afghan children have been implemented, but in insecure areas of the country, the children are still suffering the polio diseases. 
The president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is strongly asking the country’s Ulemas, mosques Imams and tribal elders for cooperation with national vaccination teams and convincing the armed groups to let the team’s vaccine the children throughout the country.

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