Armed Taliban Influence In Security Spheres Can’t Be Confirmed, ISAF

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The spokesperson of ISAF in Afghanistan says that it requires that all the cases against NATO happened inside military units be separately evaluated. 
The spokesperson was talking to the press has added that it is needed that all the cases and armed attacks against the NATO forces inside the military units be separately assessed so their factors revealed. 
According to the spokesperson that there exists separate factors behind every adventure against our soldiers inside the military units which should be verified, but he added that we cannot confirm that Taliban in regular manner has influenced in military sector while he attributed some of the attacks against the NATO forces due to psychological illnesses. 
He is asserting these at a time that on Friday a national army soldier who had joined the army ranks two months back, in the training firing field, killed four French military trainers in Tagab of Kapisa and wounded another 16 Frenchmen. 
At the press conference the NATO spokesperson called recruitment to the national army and the national police as positive. 
He noted that the process of recruitment needs further improvements.

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